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I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life working as a Digital Product Designer. This post organizes some of the soft skills I’ve cultivated over the years into a set of “core principles”. For me, these principles have provided a distinct advantage in my journey and have lasted the test of time. This post should be valuable to anyone in the design profession and or tech space.

I’m sharing these principles in hopes of helping others have success in their professional journey during these rapidly changing times.


Over the last 8 years I’ve supported a variety of organizations including agencies, startups and the enterprise space across a variety of verticals. All organizations had made varying degrees of progress in their journey towards digital transformation. I’ve had amazing success as an agent of change in challenging enterprise cultures and have gotten my head blown off making a case for design more than once. …

Changing the round-table discussion.

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This post outlines a great technique for conducting an efficient Design review meeting. I’ve leveraged this approach in startup and corporate cultures with C-Suite participants. In all situations, people have thanked me for the structured and collaborative approach.

This approach is not exclusive to the Product Design space and can be used to review any idea, process or concept you can think of. If you are facilitating, pitching, presenting or participating in a group review of any kind of content you may benefit from reading this post.

Quick shout out to Product and Technology leader Keren Nimmo for sharing this technique with me years ago. …


Sean Harris

I’m a digital Product Designer based in Denver, CO. I help organizations leverage modern design to drive customer value & business impact.

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