1 Cent Facebook Likes Using ONLY Facebook Ads

A 10-Step Guide to Reaching Hungry Clients for the Lowest Price

Just when I was ready to call it quits last night, I thought I’d check the stats I have not looked at for the last 4 days. And there it was: 4,000 likes for my page for the great amount of 20 USD.

I had just tried a last resort experiment of cracking this Facebook ads thing.

I have more than 10 years of experience as an affiliate and marketer. I played with Google Adwords, spent tens of thousands of dollars and got banned when Google decided to be the biggest affiliate in the industry.

I returned to SEO, got results, got pushed back when Google decided they don’t like big sites anymore, built mini sites which got crushed when G decided they want big sites this month until I finally lost track of their whims.

Yahoo/Bing has been a long and trusted friend, but I wish they’d grow a little bit faster. They seem to be stuck in a never ending adolescent dream for the last decade. Oh wait, the 10% market share doesn’t qualify them for teenage hot dreams yet.

I was too late for the MySpace craze, thought it was stupid to promote ugly designs but a few guys smiling at me from Bentleys proved me wrong 6 months later.

So I turned to Facebook as a last resort for a weary marketer too disappointed to try anything new and ready to go the product creation route and let the promotional side to those who cracked it or have the innocence to dive headlong in a game run by the big boys. When we were kings…

I ran this experiment for a site in the jobs niche, more precisely the offshore oil jobs.

Before you read further, these are the results I got after running the ad for 1 week with a budget of 5 dollars per day. It will run for 30 days and then I will switch to promoting a post from the page, so come back if you want to see the updates or leave your email here to be notified.

- Likes from USA users: 0,02 USD/like
- Likes from UK users: 0.03 USD/like
- Likes from Brazil users: 0.01 USD/like
- Likes from Malaysia users: 0,01 USD/like
- Likes from Italy users: 0,18 USD/like

Of course the likes from Malaysia were 1 cent, anyone can do that !!!

Before you say that, let me share with you a fact I learned: they are not always 0,01 USD. I ran a campaign in another niche, targeted users from Malaysia without looking at Interests and got likes for anything between 0,05 and 0,15 USD. If you don’t believe me, feel free to try it. Hey, it’s your money after all !

In the interest of full disclosure, I will reveal the page to all its glory: Offshore Oil Jobs. I’m sure you can find it easily, we have the red logo ☺

The situation at the time of writing this article is below:

3,488 people talking about it…it must be interesting ☺

We got 5,300 likes. But the big thing is that we have 3,488 people talking about it. That’s what it means to go to the right audience. Or to put in Facebook terms, for the right Interests.

I always start with Interests when I build my campaigns. Location, sex and age come after. This is the beauty of Facebook compared to Google, it allows you to work backwards and find the most engaged audience for your product or service.

The process I used is detailed below. It takes a few hours of work. But at least you fell satisfied when you see the results.

1. Search for Your Relevant Term

This is the first step in the process.

Be careful and go to the end of the dropdown menu and click on the little loupe next to the search term.

We aim to see the whole array of results, not just the more relevant ones as considered by Facebook.

I will not go into the importance of making your profile photo stand out or getting a custom url, something I haven’t done yet myself, since this is a theme for another post.

2. Go to the Pages Tab

Very important: choose the Pages tab.

We want to find the places our audience went and liked what they saw.

Why is this so important ? Because we want the TRUE FANS of something, people that liked a very specific page that took some time to find, people who chose to do some research in order to find the most relevant information.

3. Open Each Relevant Page

This is where the tedious work begins.

We have to go down the rabbit hole as deep as we can.

You need to open each page that relates to your subjects in a new tab. Open as many as possible, you need to find the most relevant and passionate audience.

4. Write Down the names of the pages

You will need to use this in another step of the process.

Don’t try to skip this step, you will regret later when you’ll need to do the whole research again.

You need to write down as many as you can because a lot of the pages will not show up as an interest when you build the audience.

Don’t presume that if a page has 300K likes will be an Interests item.

Facebook is weird about this, I have seen pages with 20,000 likes showing as an interest, while bigger pages were nowhere to be found.

5. Find Related Pages

I learned about this trick first from Glenn over at Viperchill.

But it added more tedious work to the process.

And since the internet is full of wonderful people willing to share information — shameless plug — Mister Fong did a Chrome extension for it.

It works like a charm.

After you install the extension, just click on the image of the little people like you see in the photo below.

The little people are here to help you.

It will take you to a wonderful place where you can find more ideas about the pages related to the one you were on.

Do this for all the pages you opened in Step 3.

6. More Relevant Pages for Your List

I told you we need to go down the rabbit hole as deep as we can.

Whatever pages you find relevant when looking at the related pages from Step 5, write down the titles.

If you want to repeat the process for them as well, feel free to do it.

It all depends on how popular your niche is. The narrower the subject, the deeper you have to go to compile a list of related pages.

The circled ones go into the list.

7. Compile the Final List of Facebook Pages

Time to bring it all together for the next phase of the process.

Use a tool like DedupeList to filter out the duplicates.

You should now have a list of places where your target audience goes and where they seem to enjoy themselves.

It is now time to deconstruct the audience profile and get ready to go after them.

After all this repetitive and grinding work, it’s time to start reaping the rewards.

8. Facebook Audience Insights

The place we go to find our audience profile is Facebook Audience Insights.

When you first arrive you will be presented with the option of going after everyone on Facebook, or after the people that liked your site.

Since I like to think big, but also since my page had no likes at the time, I went after the whole of Facebook.

I got the whole Facebook at my disposal…

Pay attention: when you open the tool, there might be a preset location like USA. Remove that, we are not going after location, only after Interests.

I promised the tedious work is over. Well, I lied. There is still some work until you get to the honey pot.

You need to enter the titles of the pages from your list in the Interests box.

Typin’ away…

Whenever you find one showing up, add it as an interest.

After jumping all the hoops, you should have found a few pages that show up as interests and also have an idea about the number of your potential audience.

On to the next step, where we churn it to the max.

9. Refining the audience

This is when we collect all the data and find the persona for our product/service.

I don’t tent to go for absolute number, I try and get a relaxed majority of attributes.

If some attributes have relatively equal values, I put them both in the equation.

I look first at sex and age groups.

I add up the top ones until I get to over 60 percent.

In this case it is easy, majority is men with ages 18 to 34. Set it in the corresponding brackets and move on.

Next you can look at the Likes tab. You might find some new ideas of where your audience hangs out that might surprise you.

This tab is useful when you want to go deeper into the customer profile and come at them at some early point in the buying decision, maybe even before they think they want to buy your product. But this is a subject for another post.

The Location tab is next. This is where we see who our client is.

The results might surprise you. In this case it was fairly predictable.

I chose a mix of Asian, American and European countries because I wanted to see the cost of likes for all at once. It would be interesting to test ads targeted at a single country at a time. I made a note of that, excellent material for the next article.

After adding up the chosen countries we got this profile.

800,000 people are interested in what I have to say. How to ease the burden of responsibility ?

Looks like we got about 800,000 people VERY interested in the subject.

At this point it would be a good idea to save your audience for future reference. It will also save you a ton of time when setting up new ads or campaigns.

10. Results

This is the easiest step of them all.

Well, you need something laid back after all this work.

You need to check the stats regularly and fine tune the ads.

I usually start with 2 images and try to beat the benchmark every few days.

Facebook has a weird way of showing ads though, once an ad picks up speed the other one doesn’t get shown as much.

In order to test new ads I sometime pause the best performing ad to get a feel for the other ones as well. But this is just me living dangerously, if you got a good thing going don’t mess it up.

After 1 week this is what I got.

Besides the cheap likes I also got a 10/10 Relevance Score for my ad. Whether or not it is relevant for the price remains to be determined.

Next I breakdown the likes by country so I can see how much I paid for each like in different countries.

Let me stress again, if not targeted right you WILL NOT get 1 cent like no matter what country you choose.

Before I finish, I have to revel in the overall results once more.

In the following days I plan to test the price for Boosted Posts from the page and the Organic Reach.

Notice that I have not updated the page in quite a few days now.

I will also share the site traffic and its sustainability.

I hope this guide helped you realise the potential of Facebook ads and the fact that they are so much cheaper than Adwords if done right.

The targeting is superb compared to Adwords and they can help you in the offline world as well.

Imagine this: you see what local venue or landmark your audience frequents and you focus your promotional efforts on those alone.

Can you see how much money you are saving by discarding ineffective advertising channels ?

I share all my knowledge on GrowthPilgrim.com