The Ultimate Lead Magnets list

Ahoy! Today we ‘re gonna talk about Lead magnets. What a cool thing right? You just build a cool thing that does cool stuff and make people sharing with you their emails or phone numbers. Then you send stuff to show them how cool and good you are and eventually they give you their money. Which is cool because you can buy stuff with it. But which are the best lead magnets and how should you use them? And how can you build them easily? So many how’s. So little time. 
Let’s go!

The giveaway
This is the most classic. You give something in exchange of an email or phone number. You can experiment with lots of different giveaways depending on your audience. These are the most used ones: guide, tips lists, resources, checklists, templates, ebooks, infographics, videos. We will dig more into how to actually build the resource itself in another article.
My favorite tools:

  • Free does not mean low quality.
  • Make it fast. It’s all about rapid consumption

The meeting booking
This is a really cool one that lots of low volume — high margin companies use. The user can basically book a meeting with you or one of your representatives, easily and automatically. The meeting can be either physical or web, it’s up to you.
My favorite tools:

  • Tie it up with a cool course / consulting or purpose. Just meeting you means nothing, you ‘re not the Pope.
  • Be careful with overlapping meetings that might occur if you forget to update your calendar. Don’t laugh, I ‘ve seen it happening.

Instant call
I have recently seen this and found it pretty cool. I mean, I would not personally use it as I find it kind of annoying speaking to other human beings but there are industries that this could prove to be gold. How does it work? You basically provide your phone number and both you and the sales rep’s phones ring. And you start discussing. Pretty cool right?
My favorite tools:
Tips: Again, tie it up with a concept or else it might be annoying for both sides

I love this particular one. It’s automatic, engaging and could fit well with a nice and easily consumable concept. Quizzes work perfectly, especially in E-Commerce but with the right message, they can produce leads pretty much in every industry.
My favorite tools:
Tips: The tool means nothing by itself. It’s all about the content and how you are positioning your brand.

Automatic assessments, Calculators, Mini web apps or Chrome addons
These are by far the best ones and so far, I haven’t found any tool to help you build one of them without any coding. Hubspot and Adzuna are the first examples that come in my mind. Hubspot is basically doing a free inbound assessment for you which is undoubtedly great ( More than that, a few years ago, they launched Hubspot Sales which basically is one of the first Chrome add-ons that let you put an eye in the keyhole by seeing when someone opens your emails or clicks on your links. On the other hand, Adzuna is playing the game with a CV Value calculator and playing it right.
My favorite tools: Hmm
Tips: First test, then automate. Basically all of that kind of lead magnets can stay manual until you have a big load of requests, which I wish you do. Consumption will not be that rapid but that’s fine until you validate it works.

Popups, sliders, scroll boxes etc
They are lovely, everybody is using them, they work (for now) and you can find plenty of tools to build them without any coding knowledge. Popups are the king of email catchers. Yes, they are annoying. But, they are e-f-f-e-c-t-i-v-e. So whoever tells you that ‘they are ruining UX’ give them colors and a canvas to paint. Bloody hippies.
My favorite tools: and

  • Watch your popups or boxes design and content. You don’t want to look cheaply marketingy.
  • Most of the tools give you control on when and how these should be triggered. Play around with it. Don’t bomb the user with popups after 2 seconds of his / her visit. Or you will instantly be friendzoned.

The ‘Ask whatever you want’
I have seen that recently in a website and asked which tool they are using. I was happy to listen it’s a beta feature of Appocalypsis. The time you are reading this, it should not be in beta any more. What it basically does is providing you with a search engine — like component that you can put in your page. Then the user types a question and you get to decide how you will handle this question. Is pretty cool and will be more if you tie it up with some fast and cool answers.
My favorite tools:
Tips: I think it’s straightforward

Leaderboards, waitlists, sweepstakes
This is a more B2C and gamified approach which I like as soon as it fits the product and the brand. Some startups have used that kind of tactics with great success (Monzo for example) but you should not copy them without a plan. They are pretty powerful and there is a really cool tool for this, Viral Loops run by Savvas Zortikis and his team. And his pug.
Tools to use:
Tips: I have seen lots of companies copying waitlists having the perception that a waitlist makes the proposition premium and ‘’sells’’ more. This is nonsense. If your proposition is not what it should be, a waitlist will eliminate your chances to acquire some early users and take the right feedback. So, think before you act. Check your funnels, adjust it to your overall product and business roadmap.

Web & Mobile push notifications
The last of our list is probably the newest and coolest one. I imagine the conception of this lead magnet like this: A greedy marketer was thinking ‘’How can I get something out of my users even when they piecefully…enjoy a video on youtube with their lunch, maybe some tacos with melt cheese and a cold soda……..?’’. And he came up with push notifications for web. Which is purely genius and whoever thought of it, I give him 2 mental high five’s ✋✋.

My favorite tool:

  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Watch what you ‘re sharing. Only push really valuable stuff.

Other cool tools to check: for interactive Lead magnets for referrals for flows for more email subscribers also for more email subscribers

Universal tips for all the magnets:

  • Overselling your lead magnets is not always bad. Using catchphrases like ‘’the magic pill of’’ or ‘’give a rocket boost’’ might actually be lame but they do the job.
  • Start with something as tailored as possible despite the operational cost. When you do not need it anymore (probably because you already have a few clients) you can change it to something more automated with less operations. Embrace this approach as soon as you know how much you can afford / invest in order to acquire a new customer and what you financially expect from each of them.