How To: Add Live Chat to Shopify

Our “How To” guides are a continuing series of articles demonstrating simple ways to implement the most commonly requested features for running a successful e-commerce business on Shopify. In this article we’ll teach you about ‘live chat’ and how to add it to your online shop.

‘Live chat’ is an extremely effective form of customer support that not only increases customer satisfaction, but can also increase conversions! People are naturally impulsive. They make buying decisions in fleeting moments and if they have issues during checkout or unanswered questions about one your products, they may abandon their carts. Having a ‘live chat’ widget on your Shopify store makes you available to your customers during those important parts of their shopping experience. Answering customer questions can help you build relationships and provides opportunities to ‘upsell’. Offering ‘live chat’ will also allow you to walk customers through your checkout process, improving your conversions and leaving your shoppers satisfied. 90% of online shoppers consider ‘live chat’ to be helpful, and 63% were more likely to return to a website that offered it.

Using ‘live chat’ in your Shopify store comes with the added benefit your team will gain in being able to support multiple customers simultaneously. Phone, email, and forum support all require your team members to focus attention on a single customer or issue. ‘live chat’ is unique in being both efficient and instantaneous, a winning combination when it comes to customer support!

Live Chat Apps for Shopify

Adding a ‘live chat’ app to your Shopify store is equivalent to adding an instant messaging service that your customers can use to chat with you in real-time. In this article we’ll cover some Shopify ‘live chat’ apps so you can start utilizing this excellent customer support tool. The Shopify App Store offers alternatives to those featured here, but we picked out some of our favorites! We’ll go over their features and the simple process of adding these apps to Shopify.

Facebook Messenger

Shopify makes an app for Facebook Messenger, making it an excellent choice for ‘live chat’. We’ve briefly mentioned the Facebook Messenger app for Shopify previously, but we’ll explain it a bit further here. One benefit to using Messenger is that your audience likely already uses Facebook, making it a frictionless and familiar experience for them. That does mean that any customers opposed to using Facebook will be up the ol’ creek, sans paddle. They’ll still be able to shop with you of course, they just won’t be able to chat with you.

In addition to chatting with your customers, Messenger is capable of sending order status updates to your customers. This is a great way to maintain relationships and keep the lines of communication open with your audience. Being an app from Shopify, it’s built entirely around e-commerce and also provides your audience with a way to browse your shop and buy directly within Messenger.


Olark is another great option for a Shopify ‘live chat’ app. They offer a free tier that serves all the basic ‘live chat’ needs. You’ll enjoy chat analytics, offline messaging, widget customization, and more. Note that you’re limited to a single customer support agent with the free tier, and a limit of 20 chats per month, but receive the most important ‘live chat’ features otherwise.

Paying unlocks saved reply shortcuts, CRM and Helpdesk integration, and detailed information on your visitors’ carts. The headline feature gained by paying is ‘targeted chats’, or triggers. This allows you to show your chat widget selectively based on various criteria such as specific URLs, or time spent on a current page. This can ensure that you don’t pester your clients with too many requests to chat, but can also make sure that you offer contact during crucial moments of the shopping experience.

How to Add Apps on Shopify

Once you’ve found the ‘live chat’ app you want to use, you’ll want to actually add it to your Shopify store, right? Thankfully that’s a painless task thanks to Shopify’s ease-of-use. Simply navigate to the app of your choice, and click the large green “Get” button. Shopify will guide you through a series of on-screen prompts and you should be ready to use your new app! Do note that some apps will require further steps, be sure to read their Shopify App Store entries to be wary of any special cases.

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