So how did it feel when you finally got a chance to work from home due to this ongoing Pandemic?

We are certain that like the majority of the workforce, you would also have imagined that working from home is going to be your ‘happy time’.

The comfort of your home, time flexibility, staying close to your loved ones, no daily commute, the benefits of working from home seem limitless on the surface. All these added advantages must lead to more satisfying work culture.

But does working from home help in increasing productivity and employee satisfaction?

If you are one of the privileged enough sections of society, then you must be working from home now. Maybe you have cracked a way of being productive. But the possibility is huge that you are still struggling to adjust.

As the whole world is adjusting to the new normal of working from home during these uncertain times of COVID-19, the adjustment is proving to be comparatively more challenging for parents.

Having kids around can certainly help in boosting work satisfaction and productivity, except when kids and work are not managed properly. Parents with younger kids are trying hard to be professionally productive while managing daily routines with their kids. Just like parents, children are also studying from home. They are around you all day as they also try to make sense of the situation.

But professional productivity can be ensured while taking care of the kids just by implementing a few simple skills of planning, creativity, management, and flexibility.

Today for many of us, our homes have transformed into our workplaces, and returning to our old offices seems highly unrealistic for now. Such a transition has profound implications and changes have to be made accordingly. Companies that practiced remote culture previously have undeniably not undergone as big a change as compared to the other companies which were not as familiar with the model. But one thing which is imperative to conclude in this scenario is that now as more people have started working virtually, the concerns of various organizations regarding Data Security have grown like never before.

Companies are hiring more remote workers and the data is subsequently being shared through the means of cloud services. In such a situation, collaborators working with the company often raise concerns about how protected their data will be. For instance, the vulnerabilities found in Zoom, the video-conferencing platform have been so grave that hackers could get access to a Zoom user’s Mac.

No one knew when the clock struck 12 on December 31st, 2019 that 2020 will transform into a nightmare for so many of us. Protests, riots, calamities, loss of innumerable lives and so much more! Name it and this year has the potential to demonstrate it all. But with these things happening all around the globe, a cryptic message is being delivered too. It’s time for a change and people are going to fight against anything and everything, no matter how rough the situation gets.

The recent unrest in America is going strong even during a pandemic which shows how determined people are. People won’t stay silent anymore and will fight for their rights. It’s high time we uproot the evils in the society which unfortunately still exist because of some very morbid minds.

The past decade has seen a substantial rise in the demand for virtual assistants and has changed the way business works. There are no more long commutes to office or those cubicles to work from. These warriors, with just a laptop and internet connection, are more than enough to handle the workings of a full-fledged business. If you are thinking why should a virtual assistant be hired, the answer is simple. Who wouldn’t like to have a helping hand to assist them with their tasks?

From social media management, digital marketing, managing calendars, and emails, preparing reports to personals tasks like booking a hotel, with their diverse skill set they are available for every industry.

Dear Freelancers,

“ I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.” — Robert Frost

Today is National Freelancer Day and this day celebrates the rising number of freelancers across the globe. It serves as a reminder that you walked on a road not taken. From being able to decide your own work timings, to working in your pajamas, freelancers have changed the idea of a workforce. India has the second-largest freelance workforce and the demand is rising by the hour. As Flexing It CEO Chandrika Pasricha states, “With the world becoming networked, organizations of any size and scale can attract the best talent from across the globe. …

Procrastination — The only reason you have a pile of unattended work on your head, which you end up stressing about all day, but cannot complete. According to psychologists, procrastinators have a faulty sense of time. They think they have enough time for working. Whereas, in reality, they fall short of time to do a particular task. It is also linked with one’s ability to manage stress. Often the thought of the job being too strenuous overpowers our mind and makes us unwilling to work. We conceive the work as challenging and procrastinate. …

Let me share a minor incident with you that happened a few months ago. I visited a branded clothing store with my friend as she wanted to buy a pair of jeans for herself. After looking for about an hour, she found nothing that she liked enough to buy straight away, but unexpectedly she ended up buying a pair. So you must be wondering why did she buy it when she didn’t like it? Because she couldn’t say no. …

When Romeo said, “Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say goodnight till it be morrow”, he was not aware that his dating style would soon go out of date. Little did he know that soon enough, a “u up?” would suffice. Wooing a lady from her balcony is a thing of the past and virtual dating is the new way of sweeping her off her feet. With the new plague upon our houses, Virtual Dating has become popular. As the coronavirus pandemic confines us to our houses, the dating game changes. We are social creatures and sliding into the DMs comes naturally to us. But there are many among us who are not used to the new dating world. “Do I send a ‘Hey’ or start with a cheesy pickup line? Or will a witty pun be a good way to start the date? What do I talk about? We can’t really talk about the ambiance of the restaurant where dates usually took place.”If …

The death tolls, the economic recession and you locked down at your home; this is the scenario we are facing every day. Nowadays you come across such news in news and social media frequently. In such circumstances, the storm of negativity is bound to take happiness away from you. But is it all bad news for us, for nature or the world? I don’t think so. After all, there’s a silver lining with the cloud, isn’t it? So, today lets try to get away with the negativity and begin with our search for positivity.

We recently celebrated World Earth Day, so let’s begin with mother nature first. Have you tried looking at that wonderful blue sky these days? Was it always that blue? Or the wild animals roaming in the streets, the clean river waters, or the thousands of migratory birds who almost lost their presence in this human-oriented world, were they always so happy? Nature has its way of reaching to mankind and this pandemic has allowed mother nature to heal and spread her love to all of her children. So why not embrace that love and be a part of earth’s happiness! …


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