GYB NFTs (Nice Fat Trophies secured!)

Hodlers receive recurring allocations of exclusive NFTs

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The Nifty Club provides long-term accumulation of exclusive NFTs

After a year of engaging with NFT creators and introducing over 30,000 new users to NFTs on GYB, we are offering the savviest collectors an opportunity to join Club Nifty by acquiring a GYB NFT token at Epic NFT on OpenSea.

We are excited to see all of the creativity and development taking place in the NFT ecosystem. With NFT digital art growing rapidly, our team has been able to work closely with top digital artists to see the future of art and where it has shifted. Between real-time digital art shows in virtual worlds like CryptoVoxels and Decentraland, many artists seek exposure to savvy collectors.

The Club Nifty program can provide access and a fast-track for sophisticated NFT collectors to acquire premium tokens of top projects. Sales proceeds from the GYB NFTs are used to support new and upcoming NFT projects.


The premiere GYB NFT collection will be available on May 4th with 9 of the 12 being offered for purchase. The GYB NFT token provides a monthly allocation of exclusive NFTs that is directly distributed to the Ethereum address of the token owner. The NFT categories distributed are digital art, gaming, and value-backed tokens (e.g., gold).

Many of the allocated NFTs will come from GYBs immense portfolio as we have worked directly with most of the top projects. Additionally, other NFTs distributed will be from projects (or series) that have not yet been released to the public and are initially only available to GYB NFT holders.

Value Prop (Series 1)

The value and type of NFTs distributed each month are unique to each GYB NFT. However, all of the GYB NFT’s allocation value will be more than the original purchase price (if held for the full-term allocation cycle) with a cap of 2X.

The allocation value of Series 1 (1 through 12) is ascribed randomly. For example, GYB NFT #5 could yield NFTs worth a modest amount or twice as much as the original purchase price.


The NFT distribution cycle lasts until July 20th. NFT distributions are planned at 12 noon PST on May 20th, June 20th and July 20th. Any GYB NFT purchased after May 20th will miss a distribution cycle and receive less NFT allocation value.

If a GYB NFT token is sold, the new Ethereum address holding the token will receive the remaining allocation of NFTs.

Club Nifty

Sophisticated collectors can enjoy receiving a significant allocation of exclusive NFTs through GYB’s unique process. Club Nifty Members should be on the lookout for several surprise distributions throughout the distribution cycle.

The allocation value transmitted to each Series 1 token holder will be disclosed in a Medium post after the distribution cycle is completed.

About GYB

GrowYourBase [GYB] is an NFT engagement platform where users learn about and earn valuable NFTs. GYB is also the go-to place where NFT creators and developers build an active global user base.

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