The dos and don’ts when choosing your social handle.

Gone by Joanna Ławniczak

The dos when choosing the right social handle:

  • Remember to pick something simple to remember — the more memorable it is, the better.
  • It should be as individual as possible — distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.
  • It should also be simple to spell — your kid (if you have one) should be able to spell it on their first try.
  • Make it as short as possible.

The don’ts when choosing the right social handle:

  • Don’t mimic someone else’s social handle and replace a letter or use a number instead of the letter — it will lead to confusion.
  • Do not use underscores — it’s difficult to find the symbol on the keyboard.
  • Avoid using generic social handles or random numbers.
  • Don’t use continuous repeating numbers, letters or symbols.
  • Obvious but overlooked tip is don’t choose offensive words.
    Lastly, stay clear of trendy words — trends are constantly changing.

Finally, remember you should have the same username across all social media platforms so in case you have accounts on other platforms check for those usernames first.

A great tool to check if your social handles is available on all social networks is or