Grow Your Idea Starter Kit

You have a great idea.
Your idea solves a painful problem.
Better yet, your idea fixes this problem so well people will pay you for it.


It’s time to act on that idea.
It’s time to take control of your destiny and build your own business.
It’s time to reach the professional goals you’ve set for yourself now, not later.
It’s time to begin.

But where do I begin? How will I make money? How do I tell people about it? Who should I talk to? What do I say to them? What do my customers need?

All valid questions that can cause overwhelming confusion.

We won’t allow it. So take a deep breath, we’re here to help:

Introducing: The Grow Your Idea Starter Kit

A straightforward, easy-to-understand, how-to manual on how to start your new business today. Go from great idea to established business in no time by following each section:

  1. The Customer Development Process
  2. The Business Model Canvas
  3. MVP = Minimum Viable Product
  4. How to Talk to Your Customers
  5. How to Translate Customer Feedback into Strategic Decisions
  6. Putting it All Together

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Grow Your Idea is

an early stage management and growth consulting firm. At our core, we empower creators, innovators, and go-getters to turn their ideas into reality. Through deep problem solving and opportunity identification, we translate your professional goals into specific action steps.

Together we establish your business model and brainstorm your growth strategy. In addition, we teach you how to talk to and understand your customers — and how to build something they want. Avoiding “busy work” at all costs, we identify the most important actions to take in order to drive your business forward.