The Dance of Death
umair haque

I think I mostly agree as to the outcome. I’m not sure if there is any actual blue print. I have imagined that out of control population combined with a drastic decrease in food production as a result of climate change are going to be what drives death by the billions. What are the alternatives? 
-Voluntary population control?
-Enforced population control?
-An all-knowing benevolent leadership takes decisive positive action and saves the day in the nick of time.

It just doesn’t seem like we are capable of taking action until the day comes when there are billions of eyes on whoever has the food…presumably the Americas. And will we launch our missiles? Or carpet bomb? Most likely the targets will be non-white nations. But my question is: Is it part of a conspiracy, or are we too stupid to demand leaders who are not so stupid as to leave the fate of the planet as an afterthought while the worry about more important things like, corporate profits, and campaigning for the next term in office.

Have you ever noticed that very few fictional depictions of the future are futures we would want? The ultimate bad meme. Society cannot visualize an intelligent future!

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