Ownership Vs Possession — Talking About Property Rights
Tunde Leye

That is a very profound concept. That of identification and maintenance of order.

I believe a lot of bad that goes on in the world is tied to privacy. People believe their grades, income, taxes, bank balances, salaries, job reviews, all sorts of things need to be private. Why? Who really benefits from privacy?

Well, the very wealthy no doubt! Because they use tricks and loopholes to hide their income in order to avoid paying taxes. And what of the criminal? The robber, drug dealer, con artist or pimp? If a person has a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank, and no legal income, well, would than money not be forfeit?

One could go a step further and issue identity chips, and bio-metric scanners. We could have cameras that use face recognition software and GPS to insure that well know the exact whereabouts of all citizens at all times. “Big brother” would always know.

I’m not saying these things to be sarcastic or mocking. I think you have made a courageous assessment. There has to be a high degree of identity verification, and property ownership recording, but there is one problem, and this could become a reality in that the technology is readily available.

Here in the USA an underground economy is estimated at $2 Trillion! Comprised not just of criminals, but people who work for cash under the table. The legitimate economy is around $18.5 Trillion. But that 2 trillion is probably disproportionally high in that a lot more people depend on it, in order to survive.

Can you imagine what would happen if all of the unemployable, along with all the people who are unskilled workers could not longer get their underground income?

It’s a strange situation. If we really tracked people’s identities, and their money as well, we would need to face the fact that people are going to be dying in the streets. In a sense, in the US, any way you can make money is, at some level, legitimate. I’ve actually heard someone describe someone else’s job as selling drugs. It was the young man’s landlord! And all he cared about was getting his rent paid on time!

We have become hooked on illegal workers, under the table jobs, and illegal activities so that people have cash to put into the economy. We only ask of them, ‘Don’t get caught!’

All this because I have often wondered is privacy our savior, or the source of all evil?

Have a nice day, Tunde Leye.

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