Dear Majority. Please Stop Telling Me “You Stand With Me”
umair haque

Umair, your Dear Majority has struck a cord with me. I don’t know why it makes so many people angry. I have done some terrible things to kids who were lower than myself on the totem pole then while I was growing up. Who hasn’t? I’d like to say I’m a better person today. And I believe I am. A little better. Maybe. But how much better can I be in a world where I have met homeless people who have more to offer than I do. And I’m just glad it’s them and not me. I would like to see everyone be housed, fed, and cared for. But…starting with me first! And not because I deserve it. Not because I am superior. But if it takes selling that, I’ll go there. So much for being a better person!

I haven’t always had it good. I lived in a vehicle for over three years. It was stressful, to say the least. But, oddly enough, I don’t worry about loosing what little I have as much as before I lost my job, home, and family. I know it will be hell. But I have been there before. I think the most desperate are those who have always managed to skirt disaster. Those who have manage to keep up appearances even on the the very edge of ruin.

And I think part of the problem is that we have created a society where safety and security are out of reach for many, if not most Americans. And yet, there is a vast number of deluded people who think they are part of the upper class. But they are not! We have about equal numbers of people thinking they are superior to the majority, as the number who feel that they are just as good as the majority. Then there is the one half of one percent who control everything. They get richer every year and the rest of us get poorer.

By all appearances the one half percent that constitute our dictators appear to be the most insecure of us all.

How can a man with fifty billion dollars believe the most important thing in life is to grab even more money? Why do we revere wealthy people, regardless of how they got their money? I think we are reaping what we have sown. You can control people by playing on their fears and insecurities. But does anyone really want to live in a world full of people that are insecure, selfish, and short-sighted? How bad would we feel if we acknowledged what is right in front of our own eyes? That our despots are paranoid, delusional, sociopaths or psychopaths? Would we do anything about that? Or like me, does everyone acknowledge the end is near, and fear that the few individuals that will crawl up out of the bunkers in a few centuries to repopulate the earth will have last names like Trump, Bush, and Cheney.

So, I am not going to stand by you, my friend. Not unless you stand by me. And unless a whole lot of us can stand for each other. Even when it means saying and doing the unspeakable. Because it is necessary for a future that is sustainable. And insanity is no longer a check box in the plus column!

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