Project Team vs. Product Team
John Cutler

Product vs IT

This speaks to me in re: to difference between IT and Product teams. IT teams seldom own the outcomes. Outcomes for IT are framed in terms of “meeting requirements” or “meeting the needs of the business” which is vastly different than the team themselves owning the outcome of the tech.

I say this not as an indictment or shortcoming of IT teams persay but rather as an observation. IT is often considered separate from the business, a service TO the business. But not the business itself.

Why? IT is not usually monetized in any direct sense, and even if indirect most orgs don’t map it. It is eminently possible, but from my experience lack of tech savvy in the CEO suite relegates IT to a support function — culturally, financially and structurally. IT is somewhat stuck in the past.

As with so many topics leadership of course starts at the top. I think that this attitude is changing as the “dinosaur DNA” (boomer-top-down-functional-silo-management culture) slowly exits the C-suite. Newer companies like Uber and Airbnb consider tech integral, not adjunct.

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