Captain Smythe-Gallant of HMCS Fredericton II

( My one bit of humour tapped out in 30 sec’s or less for Fb: )

“Cap’n Smythe, Cap’n Sirre, thae’s a mahn an Fadebuk wetts gawn o’erbard !”

“Lad, if yer a Boatswain’s Mate, mind the ropes remain piled on deck.”

“Duy ya meenz Bos’sun, Cap’n? Ah wuz a Prenters apprennic wunce, two !”

“No salt water in those ropes, you hear me ?!? Is there a bathroom on this floor of the boat, sailor ?”

“Ah hae no head fer figgers, Sirre. Is thass the Four Deck ?”

Smythe prominent name in Fredericton
Gallant current premier of the bilingual province of New Brunswick, Canada, who recently created a minister resp. for Celtic affairs which has sent me off to the Scots wiktionary and wikipedia projects and the trove they constitute for dialectical humour.