DH Lawrence abused


Whether Rakuten’s Kobo or Amazon’s Kindle or Google’s Play Books, the same crap is being sold as an edition of a novel by David Herbert Lawrence.

The novel may be deem so scurrilous as to deserve no respect: Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Today, most English fiction writers owe that man a debt.

“ line melancholy park” for “fine melancholy park” is the first indication that you have paid money to a fraudster on-line.

If that egregious error is corrected, do not be fooled. For your money,

“As for the mot an invalid”

soon appears in place of the intended

“As for the mother, an invalid “

and it goes on. The same crap whether the name and trademark of an existing real-world paper book publisher is affixed or not.

If the 9.99 price default was not reason enough to pursue the e-giants and the e-publishers for wire fraud and collusion, surely this should suffice.

Some texts claim to be “unexpurgated” when they should admit to not even being “editions” at all and that this business is not “publishing” at all, but rather a kind of gambling with your money.

It is shameless. It should be stopped by Canada and USA without waiting for the EU to bring criminal collusion prosecution.

Where is PEN on this issue ?

Respect a Novelist Day? What day of the year is that, Mr. President ??