French publisher fraud ?

This expensive French poetry paperback book appears to be a photo-reduced version of an expensive French large-format paper-bound book … yet it says where “printed” but not where “bound” as Canadian books in French often would distinguish where printed and where “bound” even for paperback.

Tell-tale lack of information on the font used.

This should be EU looking at a member country, as this practice requires collusion.

Throughout the book, there are tell-tale signs on individual pages of a toner issue and not inking issues in various serif characters. Could i be wrong?

A photocopy is not a “print” book. Require them to say
1) the paper source (this one likely using aboriginal-controlled pulp from Australia)
2) the ink used
3) name the master printer who signed off on the print run for that Edition or that “Printing”

i am not an expert; Google search was very unhelpful: you might do better. Please comment, if so.

#books #fraud #pricing #EU

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