Marie Uguay et René Char

Even the layers in the poetry of Marie Uguay have layers. While we would prefer to link her work to that of Isidore Ducasse of Uruguay, her links with Char go beyond « l’hiver » and we even might begin at « Le Muguet » in which the « et » is one step from « ay » as much as is « Guay » and « Guy » and recalling that « muguet » in French is ambiguous and that Montreal’s own American Robin of spring is a kind of thrush. Or shall we return to the city of Ur in Sumer and the Ur–origin of « Uguay » in Uruguay ??

From “Westmount” above St-Henri to « Ouestmont» to « Outremont » to « Outre–vie » is but short steps through a tunnel from a beginning in Ville Emard. The Ur-ville. From Marguerite d’Youville to Marguerite Duras, we leave you with a María of Uruguay, an Ursaline teaching order and the college of a man named Marie Victorin, but born Conrad Kerouac.

Even the layers have layers,
as might snow in late winter
before a first melt
in spring.

le poète ; le muguet ; M. Uguay ; un char dans une rue ; thrush


But what do you see in an old port sur le quai ?
Les grues qui ne savent point deviner les grues migratrices !

Ah. The Char key ! Se émigrer ! Quelle migraine si rêche !