Hyperledger Development with in 21 days — Day 6

Chaincode Development Introduction

For the first five days, we have seen the concepts of Hyperledger fabric and various components of it. We have started our own network, deployed the simple smart contract. We have done transactions, we transferred data privately.

In this part we are going to look into Chaincode development aka smart contract development for Hyperledger Fabric.

We know that chaincode is running in different docker container once it is instantiated on channel isolating from the peers.

Typically smart contract is the business logic agreed by the members to execute with consensus.

However within the same network multiple many chaincode might be running on different channels.

“Without appropriate permissions a chaincode cannot invoke another chaincode”.

Various levels of Chaincodes

There are two perspective on chaincodes.

  • First, the perspective of the developer who is developing blockchain application — Chaincode for developers
  • Second, the blockchain network operator who will be working of managing the blockchain network, who will use Hyperledger Fabric API to install, instantiate and upgrade chaincode but not involve in the application development.

In next part , we will be looking to developing the chaincodes with two personas and explaining various chaincode examples.

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