Want to do big ? Start small.

People always have dreams and it plays an vital role in everyone’s life. Sometimes it helps them to achieve what they want to be. Many people have big dreams and aspirations to achieve.

When we start something there are many thoughts come into our mind. most of them are about the outcome. Do you know why we humans are always thinks about the outcome when starting?

What will happen if I fail?

Will people respect me?

How much money i may lose?

How much time i’m gonna miss? etc .

If you closely read out all questions, you can understand that your investment is big like money, time, resources, personal life. But you are not sure when the outcome will come and how it gonna be ?

Alternatively if you do in the iteration basis with small steps what could be the out come ?

  • Your investment is low
  • Your delivery will come in iteration basis.
  • Refining can be done in each step. etc.

The main logic behind is

“Fail Fast, Learn Fast”

This strategy will not give burdens, do not delay your start. It helps you to understand whether you are going in correct direction toward your goal.

One of the famous quotes is “Failure is not failing, if you didn’t start moving then it is a failure”

This strategy can be implemented in any fields like teaching a student, building an app, building a charity. Steps may vary but path remains same.

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