Small Business Series: Why Use WordPress For My Small Business?

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Why use WordPress for your small business

Prefer to listen? Hear Greg Taylor discuss Why WordPress is perfect for your small business.

WordPress is the gateway for any small business looking to create a website that has a strong presence when it comes to creating a website for your small business. See this article for more information on WordPress. Companies like Marketing Press have built businesses based on and around the WordPress ecosystem and community. We think it is the best way for small business to get their voice heard when it comes to the web.

Here are some reasons why WordPress is the logical choice for your small business website.

Reasons Why WordPress Works For Small Businesses

  1. WordPress is Free. WordPress is a free open-source software. It costs nothing to download, install and start using for your business. There are some associated costs for hosting or WordPress themes by other companies like Marketing Press, but there is no fee to use the software.
  2. Scalability. As the business grows, WordPress will grow with you. What once started as a simple blogging platform now powers 24% of the whole web. That is a lot of sites. Unless you venture into something completely custom, which at that time you are no longer a small business, WordPress will be there to support you.
  3. SEO Friendly. Search engines love WordPress. Chances are if your site is built on the WordPress platform, the search engines will find you. When the search engines find you, there is a way better shot of your customers finding you.
  4. Content Management System. WordPress makes it to manage ongoing content initiatives. Creating blog posts, embedding YouTube videos, and gaining newsletter subscribers is not such a daunting task when it comes to WordPress.
  5. Manage Ongoing Web Changes. No longer will you have to call a web developer to make minor changes to your site. Your business will be in control of your brand’s own content and copy and manage it accordingly. From time to time a developer may need to do customizations or complex changes, but more often than not your company can manage edits.
  6. WordPress Community and Support. The WordPress community is own that bands together to help one another. There are a plethora of blog posts and tutorial videos that will get you what you need. The WordPress community also has a strong social media presence on Twitter and YouTube, Facebook groups.

Makes sense to us why WordPress is the clear cut choice for the foundation of your business’ website.

NEXT UP: Next in the Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business we discuss setting goals for your website. Let’s start thinking with the end in mind and determine what goals will help your business grow.

Originally published at Marketing Press.

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