Why We Launched A #SmallBusiness Web Development Initiative

Today, after a month or so of planning, Marketing Press launched our small business initiative.

After being in business seven years and having success it was time to give back to where we came from. I built this company by helping small businesses grow and gain success. I felt compelled to return to our roots.

The economics of working with small businesses make sense. For the price points we are offering our expertise and knowledge gained by working with larger companies. Remember, cost is subjective, and we respect the client who has $1,000 allocated towards developing a web presence the same way someone who has $10,000. What is a lot to someone may not be a lot to another. The $1,000 client should have the same opportunity to grow via the web economy as someone with deeper pockets.

Does a $1,000 WordPress site get the same amount of bells and whistles a custom site does, of course not, but they can get something that is better than what they are currently presenting to the world.

Marketing Press is a collaborative company and we want to help business owners large and small achieve growth. This is another way we can serve a larger population of the market, and have both parties achieve growth.