First time i saw her in my favorite eat out place having dinner. The moment i saw her i felt she’s the one for me. When our eyes met i could feel a million ice creams passing through my body. I really do not know how to describe her beauty. To keep it simple and straight, she was more beautiful than the word “Beautiful”. Slowly I went near her and started conversing with her. During the conversation, I came to know that this is her regular eat out place and she lives near by. Then I thought to myself, “Oh my god, I have wasted half my life time”. Anyway at least I saw her now. After chatting for a while, both of us planned to catch up for dinner the next day. That whole night I was unable to sleep. I was visualizing about the next day’s meeting with her. In fact, I was flying in the air out of joy. I decided to propose her.

Next day, I mean the next evening I went to the same place and searched for her. After sometime I saw her. But she didn’t notice me. I thought, let me go behind her and surprise her. As I went near her there was a shock waiting for me. Suddenly one hand came and smashed her and she was in a pool of blood. She’s dead. I was totally in a state of shock. Everything happened in a fraction of a second before I could react. I really do not know what to do. I composed myself and prepared to attack the one who killed my love. With full of anger and sorrow I attacked him. It was a painful one. Before he could attack I escaped. Again I hit him hard. This was a deadly one. As soon as he felt the pain, he smashed me. It’s all over. Blood started gushing out of my body and slowly the world became darker and darker. My eyes started to close slowly. My sweet memories with her went like a trailer in my mind. Only then I realized that I am just a MOSQUITO whereas he was a human. So, for those who have read this story patiently, always remember whenever you kill a MOSQUITO there could be a love story like this.

a love epic by guru thilak
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