Grubcha — Idea to a Name!

After we were running two food retail outlets successfully, Chaman and I sat down one day to discuss the ‘future’. One thing that we both were realizing was that the time for the retail stores idea had sort of passed and though Sandwedges was doing better than many in the business, we needed to be ahead of the curve and not chase it to the end.

Another thing we both were clear about was that we wanted to continue with food. It is an exciting field to be in and we know plenty people who would give an arm and a leg to switch places with us. Plus that was pretty much all we knew! ;) But along with that we also wanted to be associated to the tech part which we missed dearly.

We both had our ideas of what we should start next — I was keen on a subscription box for food (kinda like Fabbag) whereas he talked about an on demand food delivery service (kinda like ola cab). After researching a lot on both ideas we sided with the on-demand food service.

We saw the models of TinyOwl, TinyOwl Homemade, BiteClub, Yumist, HolaChef, and Eatlo and thought that this would be a good space to venture into. It seems like the time for Food Tech and finally come!

However even in this space, the models are numerous. In fact TinyOwl is trying to pull off two of them simultaneously, and by the looks of it, pretty successfully too! But which model did we want to follow?

We knew we didnt want to make our own food — so Yumist is gone. And we have something against restaurant food which makes you not want to eat it again for a long time. We wanted to provide a solution to all those who at the end of every day think…where should I eat today which keeps me healthy for long.

So if we want to serve food that does not make people bloated or feel heavy, we cant go the restaurant way. Now there is this third way. The Home-Chef way! Incidently, before starting Sandwedges, Chaman and I had discussed this kind of a model in detail. That was way back in 2012. At the time, on demand anything via apps was not popular.

But today all the questions we couldn't answer then, could be answered. And we decided to take a plung!

Deciding what we wanted to do was easier than deciding what we would call it. We started our options with Mealify. While it was good (and we would have probably ended up with it), it was kinda not-so-hep. So we kept thinking. A struggle with Google translator resulted with Esca — which means food in latin. Meanwhile a lot other names like Pantastic, App-etite, Reat, Grubie and so on came up. All were good and none the perfect.

And finally, like always, I did it! Uttered a word which was not just perfect for us it was darn too good because we got the .com!!

Grubcha — Grub + Gotcha! We got your food guys! And we coming soon with it!! :D :D :D

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