Would You Like to Adopt a Book?

Oh, please please choose me.
I’ve been waiting such a long time for someone 
someone exactly like you to come along.

You can pick me up.
I am really not that heavy.
Nor too light.
I’m a solid sort of weight.
A comfortable kind of weight
That perfect weight that feels so right in your hands.

You can check me out.
I am really quite enchanting, but not just my outside.
Examine all my insides.
That’s the best part of me.
It’s where I keep all my thoughts, ideas, stories and feelings.
I keep them close and safe for someone just like you to discover.

Take a sniff of my pages.
(Everyone does.)

Maybe you can take me home with you?
I really don’t eat much.
Just the occasional bookmark.

I also keep myself very clean
But you might want to take a bath with me every so often.

I don’t need a litterbox, exercise wheel, aquarium, or leash
Just some snug, warm space on shelf
stacked among friends.

I don’t shed 
or have accidents 
and I won’t scratch up your mom’s favorite chair.

It’s true that I can be distracting at times.
Especially when you’re supposed to go to bed
or eat breakfast
or pick up your clothes
or a lot of other things in the “supposed to” column.

One of the best things we can do together is get lost.
But you will always find yourself again.

Tell all your friends about me.
Talk about me to everyone you meet.

Take me:
out on walks
for picnics
to the park

Hold me close.
Cuddle with me in bed.
(I look especially good in flashlight.)

You might forget about me for a time.
And that’s okay.

When you remember me again, I will always show you something 
you didn’t see before.

Love me forever.

I will never leave you.

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