Note: optimized for the Apple Universe. Translations to alternative emoji forms are left as an exercise for the reader.

A ⛺️

B 🐝

C 🌊

D 🍆

E 🤗

F 🖕

G 🤔

H 🚧

I 👁

J 🏑

K 💃

L 🌮

M ✊

N 🙅‍

O 😱

P 💩

Q 🦑

R 🦎

S 🧞️

T 🤸‍️

U 🚽

V 🖖

W 🔱

X ☠️

Y 🤾‍

Z 💤

Methodology: While on conference call, and went with what made most sense to me in that moment.

⛺️🐝🌊🍆🤗🖕🤔🚧👁🏑💃🌮✊🙅‍♀️😱💩🦑🦎🧞‍♀️🤸‍♂️🚽🖖🔱 ☠️ 🤾‍💤

After ten years in the workforce I’ve concluded that:

  • a surprising number of adults can’t write,
  • the problem is getting worse, and
  • I should do something about it.

Like folding laundry or shooting whiskey, writing is something adults ought to be able to do without too much trouble.

Nevertheless, writing…

Michael E. Gruen

laconic. incorrigible. ploce (diacope) ploce.

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