This is a Well-Reasoned, Even-Measured Thought Piece on Donald Trump

Michael E. Gruen
Aug 26, 2016 · 2 min read
Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

And you’ll notice it’s a two-minute read, so you’ll continue on because there’s a banner image and the copy looks tight.

And you’ll know it won’t change your mind, but additional perspectives help reinforce your convictions and tend to comfort you.

And yet you’ll feel a bit of angst snowballing in the pit of your stomach as maybe—just maybe—this is the argument that shatters your deeply held beliefs as only artful single-sentence paragraph-statements can do.

And you’ll conclude: no, you’ve settled that matter, so you’ll begin to wonder what the author is prattling on about.

And suddenly—yet subtly—you’ll be asked to take a moment and think about what entertaining a thought-piece about “Donald Trump” at this point in the election cycle means in contrast with all of the other things that you could and should be reading, learning, and doing that are of far greater relevance to you, your interests, and your community than a self-published opinion on a presidential candidate.

And you’ll be encouraged—less subtly—to consider how much this candidacy has occupied the world’s collective mindshare, estimated by how much it has occupied your own, and if the statement “think globally, act locally” might have relevance to your own reading habits.

And you’ll be reminded that you got here because someone shared a link to a thought piece that referenced “Donald Trump” in its title, and that you clicked on it, and that publications monitor those clicks to divine content which will capture more advertising dollars.

And then you’ll feel sheepish as you scramble to think about those things that you read about and cared about before the term “Donald Trump” dominated headlines, tickers, and your attention.

And you’ll be frustrated that you can’t really think of something on the spot… and that’s troubling.

And you know you’ll still have temptations to click on the next headline that covers That Thing He Said or That Thing He Did.

And this author will ask you not to because there are many things far more deserving of your attention.

We are all depending on you to give it yours.

Michael E. Gruen

Written by

laconic. incorrigible. ploce (diacope) ploce.

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