7 reasons to use Grum

You’ve recently linked to Grum.co and don’t know if you really need it?
 This article will make you realize that Grum is the missing tool for your Instagram!

It’s well-known that Grum is more adapted for businesses because it truly improves promotion via Instagram. Its advantages make the work process much faster and easier, so every Grum user will probably have a lot more free time than the one who posts photos on Instagram without using any extra tools. Let us present 7 most important benefits of Grum below:

  1. Posting photos right from your PC!

Sure, this is the best advantage to start from. Using Instagram from the WEB doesn’t allow you to post photos, but Grum bases on this feature. Posting from PC saves your time and also allows you to post photos with the better quality.

2. You don’t need to put your phone out from the pocket.

After scheduling, Grum will just post everything without any notifications of confirmations, so you don’t need to care if your photos posted or not. Relax and be sure that Grum has already done everything.

3. Grum is the real timesaver!

Photos/videos you want to post can be scheduled for weeks ahead. This means you can choose the day to think of what do you want to post in next weeks and upload them all to Grum once to free up your time from everyday posting.

4. Multiple accounts adding.

Instagram allows you to switch only between no more than 5 accounts via the application, but Grum has no limits for an amount of accounts! Add as many of them as you want and switch to work with them easily. Having all the Instagram accounts under the same Grum’s is the most beneficial and comfortable way to post photos from your PC.

5. Editors’ feature.

Grum has a handy thing for the big agencies which can make working with Instagram process more comfortable and structured. You can give posting rights to multiple editors — they will be able to work with one of the accounts, but won’t have access to the other accounts. You will have the same bill which will be received by the General account’s owner.

6. High-security level.

Using Grum is absolutely safe. We’re playing by Instagram’s rules so we don’t violate anything. Also, Grum has a special way of working with the personal data. It has a system which encrypts any personal information into the specific code so no one is able to find it out, even the customers of Grum.

7. Reasonable pricing.

The pricing of Grum is in many times cheaper than some other posting-from-PC services because we have servers in lots of countries, so it’s less expensive for us to control the process than if we had the only general server. We provide 3-days free trial with unlimited photo sharing and no credit card required for everybody. Then it’s only $9.95 for 2 accounts (combo); $3.95 for 3–5 accounts (each); $2.95 for 6+ accounts (each) per month.

Enjoy posting&scheduling from your desktop with Grum!

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