65,000+ customers from USA to Germany

As our customers say, “we use Grum for hassle-free experience”, and this is how we do. We eager to make life as convenient and easy as possible, and this is the touchpoint. As nobody else, we understand possible problems you may face while doing your business online, and we are here for you to solve them in advance.

Let’s give the word to those who has already appreciated our efforts.

Product Hunt

Huge problem solver for me! Thank you! (Kilim Choi, Engineer and Entrepreneur)

This is cool. I can’t use Instagram on my phone, so this is a nice alternative (Aaron McKeehan, CEO, ParadigmRPA)

My social media colleagues and myself have been looking for a solution like this one for so long (Mojca Mars— Founder, Super Spicy Media)

Seems too cheap to me knowing how in-demand this is ;) You could easily charge 10x the amount I’d imagine. (Co-Founder, Speak)

I was looking for something like this. I like the clean design. (Nik — Founder of Kar Page)

Drew Bedard

Now this one gets me excited. An automated Instagram web app. YES!… Modest pricing and account toggling (the biggest pain point for social media managers).

Daily Tekk

Yes, this service is magic. I hope every Instagram user in the world ends up finding Grum because it’s probably the coolest, most useful Instagram tool I’ve seen come along for years.

Grum just gave Instagram users 2 features they’ve been craving for:
1) the ability to post from their computer and 
2) the ability to easily switch between multiple accounts. Grum just made both things possible… Grum also lets you schedule Instagram posts for the upcoming week.

Tyson Junkers

Fortunately, has made posting to Instagram from your desktop a reality! can be used for both instant and scheduled posts as well as multiple account management. While a third party Instagram app (InstaAgent) recently stole password from thousands of users, doesn’t store your password, so you can always be sure your accounts are protected!

Bonjour, Blogger!

The bane of every social media managers life is that Instagram doesn’t allow for photos to be posted from your desktop… takes care of these problems for you. You can connect lots of accounts to one login, with the only limit we can see is how much you’re prepared to pay for it!

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