Uber’s customer service is comically bad

I recently contacted Uber because the app wasn’t letting me book rides using my new credit card. What followed was a set of shockingly bad responses.

Maybe ‘Dan’ was actually a bot?
I was probably too snarky here — mainly because of the ‘upgrade to android 4.1 or higher’ comment (I was having this conversation using their iOS app)
Exact same response as ‘Dan’ from earlier. Maybe they are all bots?

This went on for a few more rounds after which it became too painful to continue the conversation.

Uber as a product and company are impressive for so many reasons. But its hard to comprehend the total lack of effort here, especially given that this issue directly impacts their revenue.

I don’t blame the reps (if in fact they were real people). I’ve worked in customer service myself and this points to misaligned incentives (e.g. customer service staff only assessed on the # of tickets they resolve). Or perhaps just a culture where individual customer experience is not really valued.

Either way — I really hope they can get their house in order.