Introducing In•a•grüv: the revolutionary sandal with patented in-sole grooves for interchangeable accessories.

4 min readAug 3, 2018


Step 1 Put on the Alinio black block, Step 2 Pick an accessory (pictured: Faux Pom Pom), Step 3 Enjoy your new shoe style!

The Alinio black block heel has a vegan leather upper, rubber soles, & a heel height of 2.75 inches . It’s a simple and sophisticated shoe that becomes the perfect base for whatever “grüv” you’re in.

Choose from a dozen accessories !

So, how does it work? Click on the video below:

What’s so special about the soles?

When nature gives you curves, flaunt them!

In•a•grüv’s soles have a purpose: The sandals have patented soles with grooves built into them (hence the company name In•a•grüv) that the accessories can easily slip into. The grooves allow for effortless placement and removal of the accessories so that they can change to match any outfit you put on. As a result, In•a•grüv is a sandal you can stylishly wear from daytime to playtime with a multitude of trend-setting styles and colors. It’s a closet space saver and the ultimate travel shoe because you only need to pack one pair and a few accessories!

For a close-up look at the soles, view the images below:

Our soles are sooo groove-y!! The perfect fit for a wide array of accessories
Close up of In•a•grüv’s patented in-sole groove

Featured Accessories:

Go from daytime to playtime by adding this Gemstone Accessory to our little black block from the: “Get your Grüv on” collection
Above: The little black block featured with different “toppings” from left to right: the cheetah print accessory from the “Get Wild” collection, the embroidered black floral accessory from the “Get Floral” collection and the wavy studded accessory from the “Get your Grüv on” collection.

In•a•grüv also has T-Strap Accessories to dramatically change the look of your shoes!

Coming Soon! Keep an eye out for our Nude Comfort Wedge with a Memory Foam Foot bed:

From left to right: Nude Giselle Block Heel with Fuchsia and Turquoise Accessory, Blue Python Print Accessory, White Turquoise Accessory

About us:

In•a•grüv was created by Ada Duran, a Long Island teacher, who first thought of the idea when she couldn’t find the right shoes to wear to her college graduation party. She envisioned a sandal that could have a variety of colorful straps to match any outfit without having to purchase 10 different pairs. Little did she know that she had stumbled upon “her sole’s purpose” on that day.

We love our colorful variety of accessories

A charitable company:

In•a•grüv donates a $1 for every pair of shoes purchased to their favorite charity: Soles 4 Souls (at Soles 4 Souls, $1=1 new pair of shoes for children and families in need worldwide).

This tradition started in 2012 when the founder of In•a•grüv began donating over a thousands pairs of shoes to the organization with her students.

In•a•grüv in the News:

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Recent Photo of the Creator of In•a•grüv at Accessories The Show July 2018

Ada Duran Creator & CEO

(347) 687–3937

Vegas baby! Come visit In•a•grüv at the upcoming FN Platform Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center August 13–15
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