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How can we do charity through social service

We all love to have a good life but most of us are not blessed by God. People are struggling to get basic requirements in their life. They are struggling for food, clothes and shelters. A charity is a way to help people to give some happiness in their life. Charity is simply giving others which belongs to you. If we are blessed enough by God and want to help others to get happiness then charity is one the way.

Most of the time we think of charity in terms of money but there are also many ways you can donate people.

You can donate your clothes, shoes to others. If you are no longer using your old clothes, shoes, jackets, blankets, coats, gloves and many more. Then you can donate that to people who are in need.

Help a stranger and make their day with a beautiful smile. Many of us are stressed with our work pr have some tensions. A simple smile will help them to fight with their issues.

Tech poor kids- Id you have free time then you can go to some orphanage and teach them. You can also supply laptops for their study. Televisions for their entertainment. Also books, school uniform some good foods and many more.

I was working in an organisation which donated 10 laptops and 2 Televisions to orphanage and old age home.

You can also donate your old refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machines, air coolers, geysers to the charity. Many of the time we are replacing our old laptop with a new laptop then better to donate that to charity.

You can also donate your blood, take part in a charity run, volunteer in charitable functions. Organise campaign to social media, raise fund for needy people.

These are some small steps which you can follow to help needy people. It is not necessary to donate money for charity instead you can take part in many social services to help people. Our small help will bring a smile on someone’s face.

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