Supply chain solutions must be complete

2 min readMay 9, 2022


Supply chain solutions must be able to handle the difficulties. All parts of the industry, from shippers to retailers, face delays, raw material shortages, high demand, labor constraints, and other challenges.

Before problems arise, possible solutions must be available and how to implement them. This requires in-depth knowledge of the supply chain and an understanding of how the global market will behave in the days ahead.

Think of a company that sells fruit on an international scale, its inventory needs to be aligned with demand and the season for each fruit. In other words, you need integration, visibility, and market forecasts working together.

If a company like this has a gap, the cascading effect can have serious consequences. For example, at Christmas, the sale of apples always increases, but the consumption in many nations that celebrate this date (specifically North America and Western Europe) has been dropping considerably. At the same time, in Africa and South-East Asia consumption has grown dramatically, up to 175% in some African countries.

In other words, the company can get the size and timing of the demand right, but without reliable forecasts, it can end up targeting the wrong market based on previous years. That is why the solutions in a global supply chain need to be comprehensive, integrated, and complete.

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