The air cargo industry is ready to digitalize its processes

2 min readMay 31, 2022


The air freight business has been slow to adopt digital documentation in the past, resulting in a dependence on manual, and sometimes error-prone, processes. This, however, is rapidly changing.

Industry leaders are more focused than ever on implementing new digital processes to drive operational excellence and differentiate themselves from the competition. Logistic companies and freight forwarders are preparing for a digitalized future, in which they will be able to carry out all communication in a single system.

The benefits of digitization help communication flow quickly and efficiently, as it dispenses with manual and antiquated processes. In addition, information is collected and stored more securely and comprehensively.

As well as digitalization, air transport drew the attention of the logistic managers because of its speed. Especially with the strong disruptions occurring in ports that face long congestions.

But above all, the big advantage of digitalization is the ability to integrate your logistics processes in one place, from requests for quotes to shipment tracking. That way you eliminate blind spots in your supply chain and speed up your logistics.

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Learn how the air cargo industry is embracing the digitalization of the supply chain.