Missed Class Assignment

According to the class attendance policy, when we miss a class we are required to fill you in on what we did when we were not in class. In my case I was on a road trip with my lacrosse team to Notre Dame.

The trip started 8:30am Tuesday morning, after having breakfast with a few of my friends and teammates. We lowed up the bus for our three-hour trip. After pregame practice we did a film session at the hotel and where in bed by nine.

The next morning the mood stated out light. The guys and I all talked about what was on TV last night and random things like that. The bus ride between the hotel and Notre Dame did not have the same feel. Everyone was focused, mentally preparing themselves to play the number one ranked team in the nation.

The first half our team stared out slow but managed to close the gap after snapping back to reality, this team was beatable and we where only being ourselves.

The second half ended in a 7–7 tie, taking the game in to over time. After losing the faceoff Notre Dame took position and won the over time game.

This game was a heart braking, “was.” What I have learned from this game is that my team and I have an incredible opportunity ahead of us and that what comes next will make history.

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