Sexism is Hard to Explain
Kel Campbell

I wouldn’t want to “mansplain” but if you write as if women are the only ones on the receiving end of sexist attitudes. I have tried and failed to show other women how many times I am seen and treated as an inferior human being with no moral high ground whatsoever merely because I am a man. I have tried, and failed, to explain why I, too — a “strong” man — can feel unsafe. How hurtful it is when a woman tells a man that “you won’t understand; you’re just a man and your penis does the thinking for you”… and then laughs.

Possibly the only one who ever understands is my wife… then again, judging from one of the comments here, only a wife (and possibly a mother to a son) can ever understand.

You’re right. Sexism IS hard to explain.

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