Established for almost 60 years and working in nearly 100 countries, the World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF is one of the most recognizable environmental conservation organizations in existence. It is committed to the protection and preservation of important habitats and wildlife and working with partners on solutions to reduce the harmful impact humans have on our planet’s valuable natural resources.

WWF is using Workplace by Facebook to internally communicate and engage with staff all over the world. Grytics’ in-depth analytics has enabled the organization to gain deeper insights on the impact of its internal communications, particularly on Workplace…

Sodimac is a Chilean home improvement warehouse store chain. Its HomeCenter stores are field leaders in Latin America with its HomeCenter stores. The company belongs to the Falabella Group and owns 240 stores in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Many thanks to Ramiro Martinez, marketing and communication specialist at Sodimac Colombia for sharing his best practices with Grytics along with mentioning some of the service’s features that helped enhance both sales team communication and overall Workplace effectiveness.

Monitor the growth of your retail stores, share and reward best practices

Sitel Group’s 75,000 people across the globe connect many of the world’s best-known brands with their customers — 3.5 million times every day. As a global customer experience (CX) management leader, it applies more than 30 years of industry-leading experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of our group’s founders to deliver omnichannel experiences through voice, chat, social media and more to customers of 400+ clients across all verticals — from Fortune 500 companies to local startups.

The group’s breadth of capabilities — powered by an ecosystem of experts including Innso, Learning Tribes, Sitel, Sitel Insights and TSC — go beyond business…

Founded in 1985, Naranja is currently Argentina’s main credit card provider. The company is known as one of the best places to work in the country and it was ranked 2nd in the prestigious Great Place to Work ranking.

Carla ALBERONI — Senior internal communication assistant, shared Naranja’s best practices with Grytics on Workplace with us.

When it comes to driving teamwork and bringing together an entire community, communication is key. This is currently perfectly illustrated at Naranja, where Grytics insights reveal that the workforce’s engagement on Workplace is constantly high.

Thanks to Giorgio Blangetti, System Engineer at Miroglio, key user of Grytics for Workplace by Facebook.

The Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial company operating since 1947 in textiles, fashion and supply chain management. It counts over 5000 employees. With an important global presence in 34 countries, 49 operating companies and 4 industrial sites are working together on Workplace by Facebook. Grytics provides solutions to save time and boost employee engagement.

Automated Grytics reporting cards are shared monthly to improve data transparency

The Miroglio Group uses Grytics’ one-click detailed reports specifically. …

Save the Children is an international NGO promoting children’s rights and supporting children in need in developing countries.

With 25 000 employees around the world, their aim is to connect everyone in the organization and build a productive team culture that goes towards encouraging child education.

Grytics allows Save the Children’s Knowledge Management team to improve the NGO’s internal culture daily, for the benefit of children worldwide.

Thanks to Nicole Nikolaidis, Senior Knowledge Manager and Cathy Mayne, Knowledge officer users of Grytics for Workplace by Facebook.

Strengthening education programs by encouraging knowledge sharing

The NGO’s Knowledge Management team’s main group on Workplace is called “Global Education Community”…

The French Institute of Audit and Internal Control (IFACI) brings together more than 5300 professional experts specialised in auditing and internal control as well as all functions related to risk management.

Since March 2018, IFACI uses Workplace by Facebook so that its members can work in teams, share their best practices and ideas, and build a professional network.

Thanks to Julie FAYE, and Nicolas JUNGBLUT, community managers and users of Grytics for Workplace by Facebook.

With Grytics, IFACI is rewarding its most engaged members and improving knowledge sharing among its entire community.

In order to encourage members’ involvement within Workplace, the two community managers in charge of the IFACI network organized a social event for top ranking…

Grytics allows AB InBev to leverage Workplace by Facebook to encourage Diversity & Inclusion

AB InBev is the world’s largest brewery and its headquarters are located in the city of Leuven, Belgium. It counts over 200,000 employees worldwide and operates in over 50 markets, selling beer and other beverages in more than 150 countries.

Thanks to Juan Gonzalez, Project Manager at AB InBev COPEC who is overseeing the deployment of Workplace by Facebook in the COPEC region (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador).

Grytics turned out to be the perfect solution. …

Grytics for Workplace Communities

One platform to analyse, understand, monitor Workplace communities. Implement engagement strategies and measure employee sentiment, identify inactive members

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