How Sodimac Colombia has boosted its Sales team performance using Grytics for Workplace

Grytics for Workplace
May 20 · 3 min read

Sodimac is a Chilean home improvement warehouse store chain. Its HomeCenter stores are field leaders in Latin America with its HomeCenter stores. The company belongs to the Falabella Group and owns 240 stores in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Many thanks to Ramiro Martinez, marketing and communication specialist at Sodimac Colombia for sharing his best practices with Grytics along with mentioning some of the service’s features that helped enhance both sales team communication and overall Workplace effectiveness.

Monitor the growth of your retail stores, share and reward best practices

All of Sodimac’s in-store sales teams are connected to Workplace, so Grytics is a must in order to measure interactions and discussions, along with ensuring the engagement of every sales team member using the platform. They are encouraged to share pictures of their best practices, such as furniture and merchandising placement.

Thanks to Grytics, Ramiro can rank sales employees following their Engagement or Influence scores. These scores are based on their interactions such as comments, posts, and shares. They are revealing of employees’ respective Workplace participation levels. This helps to determine who are the employees driving sales and who are the less engaged members. If all employees are perfectly interacting and sharing with their peers while one isn’t, this is definitely something Ramiro will investigate further. To determine what a good or bad score is, he takes into consideration the highest and median scores among members.

Grytics’ built-in segmentation according to sales team also facilitates both data processing and highlighting of key members. While employees with a good engagement / influence score are rewarded, inactive employees, as well as those performing poorly, are closely supported and accompanied.

This strategy makes it easier to target regions or cities where engagement is the lowest so that executives can determine which actions should be implemented. In addition, sharing these insights boosts morale on Workplace and enhances employee communication along with their participation and initiatives, which is something Sodimac Colombia always encourages.

Closely monitor your members’ activity around hashtag campaigns

There is always a good reason to motivate your staff. At Sodimac, the communications team has initiated campaigns where members’ activities and their competitions contribute to reaching business goals. To do so, members are asked to post photos of the actions and strategies they have introduced in stores. By using hashtags on these photos, they become recognizable and measurable by Grytics.

It is crucial to keep an eye on key metrics on certain topics to make sure a business is healthy and growing over time. Grytics makes this possible by enabling close follow-up of hashtag campaigns and their evolution through time, also via the identification of the best performing team members and their in-store actions. Finally, Grytics makes it easy to present and share meaningful insight with anyone.

Grytics on Workplace by Facebook provided relevant insight to Sodimac Colombia on each campaign and is now an essential tool for Ramiro to ensure each and every store is operating and performing in the right way. Considering how much internal campaign performance has an impact on commercial performance, Grytics on Workplace is an indispensable service for Sodimac Colombia.

Grytics for Workplace

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