WWF: Promote Internal Events & Leverage Staff Engagement with Grytics

Established for almost 60 years and working in nearly 100 countries, the World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF is one of the most recognizable environmental conservation organizations in existence. It is committed to the protection and preservation of important habitats and wildlife and working with partners on solutions to reduce the harmful impact humans have on our planet’s valuable natural resources.

WWF is using Workplace by Facebook to internally communicate and engage with staff all over the world. Grytics’ in-depth analytics has enabled the organization to gain deeper insights on the impact of its internal communications, particularly on Workplace, which includes communications around important internal events such as the WWF Annual Conference. Through key metrics generated from Grytics, WWF is able to better understand internal engagement on specific content, providing the opportunity to improve staff engagement.

Many thanks to Paolo Mangahas, Global Network Communications Officer, who shared WWF’s experience using Grytics.

1- Promoting and measuring the impact of internal events with Grytics

Once a year, WWF organizes its Annual Conference, an important event where WWF leaders gather to discuss the organization’s strategies and how to work more effectively and cohesively to achieve its goals. Since not all staff can participate in this event in person, WWF has used Workplace to involve them virtually.

Using Grytics, WWF was able to measure staff engagement on the event and monitor all relevant discussions around it happening on Workplace, which included identifying top engaged staff, top posts, top groups, and all reactions from staff around the event. Using the hashtag #AC19 was decisive, as this enabled WWF to better measure and analyze the event’s internal reach. Also, using a hashtag for the conference was helpful to determine if the degree of interest in it was increasing or decreasing over time.

Grytics offers WWF an overview of the current trends on Workplace, providing insights on what staff is talking about and most interested in, based on reactions, comments, and feedback expressed on specific content. This helps identify what type of content resonates more strongly with staff, guiding content producers on how best to position future events to elicit better engagement.

By generating metrics reports from Grytics, WWF is able to create a detailed report for internal events and compare performance year on year.

2- Opportunity to leverage staff engagement

One of WWF’s future plans is to share regular Workplace metrics showcasing top engaged individuals and groups. This allows offices, teams, and programs to see how their internal communications efforts are performing. It also lets staff find out who are the top influencers in the organization, what are the most active groups, and what are the best performing posts for a given period. Making such key indicators visible and accessible to the entire community is a great way to motivate staff across the organization to do better. It is a form of gamification that makes staff want to be at the top of the list.

This is notably achieved by rewarding the most involved members, as seeing one’s name on top of a ranking is highly motivating. This also fosters a real sense of belonging to the organization and adhering to its core values of working together. Using gamification to encourage friendly competition is a great way to leverage staff engagement and keep the community excited.

When using Grytics’ analytics features and sharing insights across the organization, WWF is able to get positive feedback from members: many of them ask for tips on how to improve their ranking/engagement score and other members are happy to share their best practices with their peers.

Using Grytics for Workplace by Facebook clearly shows the power of data to encourage better involvement among WWF staff and to boost collaboration across the organization.

One platform to analyse, understand, monitor Workplace communities. Implement engagement strategies and measure employee sentiment, identify inactive members

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