#1000stories in #1000characters

I have been writing a lot since I can only remember. Now it’s my
 passion and job. My everyday routine is to create something around 15
 pages of new material. In professional suite I am copywriter,
 storyteller, music journalist and content designer. After hours I
 write for myself. But since always I do it in my native language.
 I took a look on my past and I recalled my family members and friends
 from school who had learnt foreign languages couse they wanted to
 change their lives and escape to the better future. I have had inner
 fear and distance from learning and using foreign languages. Maybe the
 reason in that I didn’t feel it as my mother tongue.
 Speaking from the heart, I have that feeling till today. But world has
 changed during last 20 years. Everybody around needs to be close to
 the English language. It is necessary to enjoy favorites movies,
 music, to work and for better understanding how the present world goes on.
 A lot of business partners in my country often ask me if I can do my
 job but in English. There is a lot customers, projects and stories
 that are waiting for me. But It’s hard to do it if you are not trying
 — am I right?
 I make translates, have no problem with understanding lyrics and
 movies dialogues or reading books. But still I’ve a lot problems with
 speaking and writing something new from myself. I think it’s great
 place to improve my language skills. Huge audience is the best to
 check that my resolve goes on. Feel free to find bugs in my probes:)

Keep the fingers cross!
 — Writing regular in English.
 — Improve language and writing skills.
 — Improve grammar skills.
 — Writing fluently — hope till may 2018
 — Find a regular job connected with writing in English.
 Project tags:

#1000stories in #1000charcters
Time: of writing featured text with proofread: 85 minutes
Tenses: #presentsimple #pastsimple #presentperfect #pastperfect 
Vocabulary: take a look, mother tounge, speak from teh heart, needs to be close sth, if I can do sth