Dear iPhone charging cord,

You have been so faithful to me. Through all the yanking and pulling from the wall, being shoved into a book bag. You some how still bend around corners and remain very flexible. You have been ripped and torn but you still stay strong.

Soon it will be time to replace you with a new charger. That will be a sad day. I don’t know what is more sad. Paying money to buy a new cord or the fact that you lasted so long. Either way, you have served your purpose and have been on many journeys.

You’ve pretty much been everywhere I have and been plugged into many outlets all over Ohio. So for all the times you charged my phone when it was almost dead, I want to thank you, even though sometimes I didn’t think you were going to get the job done. Whatever you do, don’t give up on me during the middle of something important. Thank you.

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