How To Be a Leader in the Workplace

As a Management Director at Team One, Publicis Groupe’s premium and luxury brand agency, I have attended, and led, my fair share of workshops, conferences and development programs. Always a major discussion point is, What does it actually take to be an effective leader within a company?

Why? Because you and your company are better when dedicated, talented and engaged leaders surround you. Each day becomes more rewarding and you will likely have fewer headaches associated with employee turnover.

So, here it is. The key to being a great leader:

INSPIRE others! Easier said than done? Here are some tips.

To do this you must be:

1. Empathetic: What calls “identification with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of others.” Compassionate. Sympathetic. Whatever you call it, everyone wants to feel heard and appreciated and no one wants to work for an arrogant jerk. `Nuff said!

2. Empowering: Most leaders get to their position by doing the work and making people recognize their efforts. So here’s a simple reminder: You have a team because you are now expected to oversee more work than you can do yourself. Time to let the people who are working for you grow and reach their potential. Your time should be spent creating the conditions for your team to thrive. That — and mentor. And I don’t mean micromanage. You know how to get it done. That’s what experience has taught you. Now help them “see the light” by guiding them to their own solutions.

3. Knowledgeable: Want to be taken seriously? Know your subject matter. Otherwise, everyone from the know-it-all upstart to the gentle assistant will tune you out whenever possible.

If you already lead a team or an individual, try putting these three ideas into action. You will be better for it!

Greg Sandberg, Management Director at Team One, Publicis Groupe’s premium and luxury brand agency.

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