GSC Weekly Report


This week the project is focusing on the community building. Evan Yip has had deep communication with the believers on the theme of social and blockchain integration in Zhidian Community; GSC Guangzhou community has participated in the node campaign; the community has collected users’ questions and invited Evan Yip to answer these; GSC has joined Updex and launched a promotion; the Japanese community has launched airdrop in Japan; the first restaurant which can be paid by GSC has appeared in Beijing; GSC has launched on the Dididu exchange; new technical experts have joined our team.

Now we, the operating team, introduce this week’s technical, operational, and team specifics to our supporters and followers of this week.

Technical Development

1. Public Chain

Gsc-core account, storage part unit test completed, 14 new test cases;

Gsc-core completes communication module performance optimization, parameter tuning;

Gsc-core completes consensus mechanism adjustment and testing;

Gsc-core completes the boot load configuration mode adjustment;

Gsc-protocol completes protocol data structure extension.

2. Android/iOS Wallet

The wallet releases the beta version and invites core users to participate in the internal test;

Supplement multi-language version copy, more perfect in both English and Chinese;

Issue assets and transaction increase details input verification conditions;

Export and import private key password verification function perfect.

3. Blockchain Browser

Blockchain browser account module data query completion test;

Block, transaction, transfer module data field optimization;

Supplement multi-language version copy, perfect in both Chinese and English;

Refactor the page UI to optimize visual effects.


1. On July 27th, GSC officially launched on the Dididu exchange. At present, GSC has successfully launched the test network, and officially landed on 10 exchanges such as Fired Hadax, Firemoon Korea Station, OKEx, Rfinex, Kdax, Indodax, Huitong Net HB, HPX, OEX, etc.

2. On July 26, the GSC Guangzhou community announced that it had locked 490,000 GSCs to participate in the light node campaign. The GSC Guangzhou community is a community that has grown up under the official guidance of the Lightspeed Chain and is committed to learning and communicating in blockchain. It is designed to be 23 global nodes in the campaign and GSC will give at least 6% of the foundation’s share to the super node every year. Election application and voting website:, individuals and companies can participate in the election voting.

3. GSC has joined the Zhidian Community and launched the airdrop. On July 25th, Evan Yip, the founder of GSC, was invited to have an in-depth conversation with netizens on “Social is an important application scenario of the blockchain”.

4. with Updex, GSC start an event of searching for a hundredfold coin. For details, please go to the Updex homepage:

5. The domestic community collects community users’ questions, and feeds back to Evan Yip for regular answers. For details, please contact the official customer service (wx:GSC_DaJi).

6. The Japanese community has opened airdrop activities, and the telegraph group has added 40,000+ users.

7. On July 10th, the GSC test network was established. In order to celebrate the success of the launch of the GSC test network, Beijing Sanyuanqiao Restaurant began to support GSC currency payment.

8. There are 6 official communities (2000+ people) are added this week. There are 19 official communities in total, with a total number of 6100+; one new in the city’s community (Wuhan community), now there is 22 city communities, with 3300+ people.

Team member

1. Huang Dehui, a senior architect of the former LeTV and KMK Service Company, became a senior architect of the GSC. Huang Dehui has 10 years of project development experience and platform operation experience. He has been responsible for the high-concurrency system architecture of large-scale SNS social networking sites with over 100 million users. After joining the optical speed chain GSC, he will be responsible for the development of GSC developers & application ecology. The foundation of the GSC ecosystem is laid a solid foundation.

2. Former Baidu, Tencent senior architect Yu Xuefei joined the light speed chain GSC, mainly responsible for the development of the core module of the GSC bottom public chain. Qi Xuefei has 9 years of experience in frontline R&D architecture. He has many years of experience in microservices management, web security protection, and anti-cheating. He also has in-depth research on cryptography, communication, and consensus mechanisms. His participation has improved the guarantee for the successful launch of the GSC main network.

Community data

1. GSC English telegraph group: 39600+ people;

2. GSC Japanese telegraph group: 45000+ people;

3. GSC Indonesia Telegraph Group: 4300+ people;

4. WeChat group: 9400+ people;

5. Twitter: 3400+ people;

6. Facebook: 6900+ people.