Reveal live streaming industry: new instructions for blockchain &live streaming

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, live streaming has become a growing industry in recent years. According to the 2017–2018 China online live broadcasting industry research report conducted by the Internet media consultancy, the number of Chinese online live broadcasting users reached 398 million in 2017, and it is estimated that the number of users will break through 500 million in 2019. Everyone can launch live broadcasts through verification and interact with fans to earn income. The live broadcasting industry has created the myth of grassroots change into web celebrity, which has led to countless people’s fantasy to create wealth through live broadcasting.

In just two years, the Internet live broadcast industry has developed rapidly and attracted many major platforms to enter the competition. However, the seemingly fast-growing industry is faced with many problems.

I. To whom did the user give the reward?

Xiao G learned about the distribution of each live broadcast platform through various channels, and the results were amazing.

YY live streaming platform: the proportion of anchors, guilds and platforms is 30%, 10% and 60%. That is to say, give anchorperson brush 100 yuan gift, anchorperson can get 30 yuan only.

Tiger-tooth live broadcast platform: when the gift settlement of the studio is conducted, the platform will take away 50%, and the remaining 50% will be divided into anchors and OW (the owner of the channel, usually 30 anchors in one channel). Host guarding gifts are divided into platforms 60%, ow8% and 32%. In this way, if the income of the two parts is more than 15000 yuan, the settlement shall be 100%; if not, the settlement shall be 60%. Overall, the anchorman income is less than 40%

Live streaming platform for fast hands: when the anchor receives the gift, he/she will deduct 20% tax, and then the host and the platform will split the money, that is, the anchor can get 40% of the gift share.

That is to say, most of the gifts that were supposed to be awarded to anchors actually flow into the platform’s “wallet”. The major broadcast platforms only allocate 30% to 40% of the hosts’ gifts, and more than 60% of the profits are distributed by the platforms.

In addition to sharing profits through anchors, massive users have brought huge traffic to the platform, and advertising has become another path of platform revenue.

The live broadcast platform accumulates traffic through users, and puts advertisements to users to earn advertising fees. In order to satisfy the needs of advertisers, the platform forces users to watch advertisements, but it does not bring benefits to users. Under the misshapen value distribution system, the user’s value is being “drained”.

2. How to guarantee the quality of content?

The quality of live streaming platforms is also being criticized at a time when the value distribution model is being questioned.

From the god bless of “one person I drink drunk” to the lige who tampered the national anthem, from lu benwei who opened and encouraged fans to curse, to Chen yifa of “Japanese people are really quick to cut”, famous anchors appear one after another to touch the moral bottom line, to walk on the edge of the law, small anchors are even more unscrupulous to win fame.

It is worth noting that the huge income gap and fierce competition between anchors are the external causes of their “deviation”. According to the statistics of “web celebrity today”, the top 10,000 anchors of platforms like yingke, sichuan peppercorn, yilivestreaming, meipai, Momo and volcano in the first half year only accounted for 0.7% of the total number of anchors of the six major platforms, but accounted for 68% of all the anchors’ income. That is to say, the remaining 99.3% of anchors are grabbing the remaining 32% of earnings, and those whose monthly income is less than 4000 yuan have become the main group.

That is to say, the rapid development of the live broadcast industry has made a number of anchors rich, but for low-income anchors, releasing vulgar content has become a magic weapon to break through the competition.

With the rapid development of the live broadcast industry, its pain points are becoming more and more prominent. How to optimize the value distribution model of the platform and make the high-quality content of the platform easier to stand out has become the development direction of the live broadcast industry. The emergence of blockchain has brought new vitality to the development of the livestreaming field.

Optimize the value distribution model

In essence, blockchain technology creates a trusted decentralized platform based on smart contracts through decentralization. For anchors, under the decentralized operation mode, there is no platform to share, and all profits are distributed to platform users according to their work. Blockchain technology makes each user become the host of the platform.

For ordinary users, there is no centralized monopoly, and users can gain profits according to their own behavior. By virtue of their contribution to ecology, such as watching live broadcasts, watching advertisements, and paying premium anchors, Token rewards can be given to users, which returns the value created by users to a great extent.

With the optimized value distribution model, the live streaming platform applying blockchain technology has the opportunity to attract mass users to participate in the value distribution system and lead a live broadcasting revolution.

Content upgrade

Blockchain also proposes a solution to the problem of vicious competition in live content.

First of all, blockchain has transformed the live broadcast platform, and the income of anchors is no longer Shared with the centralized platform, so as to increase the income, which reduces the external incentive of vulgar live content to a certain extent. Good anchors get paid in full for their content, reducing the likelihood of taking risks for money.

Secondly, in the blockchain ecology, the whole network can vote to clean up vulgar content and generate a contract. If there is live broadcasting of vulgar content in the ecology, according to the contract content, the live content will be deleted and the anchor will be stopped. Blockchain has the characteristics of openness, transparency and traceability. Once a vulgar live broadcast is made, it will cost a lot. This reduces the possibility of vulgar broadcasting.

Finally, every user in the blockchain is a node, and has the right to find high-quality content pushing and reporting vulgar content to obtain rewards. The quality live content being pushed will receive more attention and rewards. Vulgar live broadcasting will be blocked and stopped, and a good ecological environment will be built through the efforts of everyone.

The live streaming industry under the transformation of blockchain will, to some extent, promote the upgrade of live content.

Cut into live broadcasting to create a GSC social ecology

The light-speed chain GSC has built a public chain in the field of vertical social interaction. By building the block chain underlying architecture and decentralized social service protocol, it supports third-party developers to build their own social applications on its open source protocol and jointly build the blockchain social ecology of security and mutual trust. As a social application, live broadcast will be the first scene of GSC landing.

Relying on the block chain technology and focusing on the pain points in the field of live broadcasting, the underlying public chain of GSC provides a series of functional components for live broadcasting applications, which is convenient for developers to apply.

1. The function of issuing personal pass with one key of GSC

Anchors can easily issue their own Token to motivate fans and improve fan loyalty.

2. Exchange on GMAX chain

Providing a decentralized trading platform for free exchange and circulation of digital assets on the GSC public chain, allowing users and anchors to move the Token quickly.

3.Gift System

Users can use GSC Coin to buy virtual gifts for giving, and live interaction is accompanied by the circulation of value.

4.SVN value model

User information is linked to value, and once the anchor makes vulgar broadcasting, it will pay a huge price. This reduces the appearance of vulgar broadcasting.

5.Reward System Reward System

In order to encourage anchors to create richer content and encourage users to actively interact with anchors, Token pool rewards were set up, and the system rewarded according to the value of SVN.

At present, the light-speed chain GSC has reached a deep cooperation with “overseas Momo”, the largest pan-entertainment social + live broadcasting platform in southeast Asia and the Middle East. After the launch of GSC main network, Mico will access to GSC platform, apply blockchain technology, and optimize the value communication model and content management mechanism of live broadcast application.

What other surprises will the GSC bring us? Let’s wait and see!

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