The Announcement of GSC Main Net Launch

To Global Social Chain’s users and supporters:

Depending on a huge number of real social users since the very start, Global Social Chain has received long-term attention from the industry fortunately. After one year of developing and testing, the team has finally solemnly announced that the Global Social Chain’s main net will be officially launched on December 25, 2018, Beijing time. We are expressing our sincere gratitude to all light node candidates, developers, community members, participants and supporters.

The launch of main net means that more community developers and users can really participate in the GSC eco-building, which will be a new beginning for GSC. GSC team will continue to advance along the established route and lead the community supporters to create a safe, equal and free social space, so as to realize the new social ecology of the blockchain that achieves individual empowerment, mutual trust and value transfer.

Following content will published when the main net launches:

Genesis block

The genesis block will be generated by the GSC team, it will issue 1 billion GSC which is equals to the previously circulating ERC-20 GSC token. At the same time, in order to commemorate this iconic moment, the official side will write a short text in the genesis block. The collecting event is on the way, find the details at the end of the announcement.

ADPoS consensus plugin

ADPoS consensus plugin is a set of consensus mechanism that truly reflects the people — oriented core introduced by the GSC team based on the DPoS consensus mechanism after deep research of the blockchain development and application. The DPoS consensus mechanism has a natural advantage in TPS, but in terms of current technology and application scenarios, there are hidden dangers such as money supremacy. Based on such difficulties, GSC is committed to technological innovation. On the basis of retaining the high TPS of the DPoS consensus plugin, the team incorporates the design concept of people and value, strives to balance fairness and efficiency, and introduces the ADPoS consensus mechanism.

Blockchain Browser

The GSC browser is the window of the GSC public chain which will be launched with the GSC main net. Users can view all blocks, transfers, transactions, accounts, nodes and other information through the browser, and experience functions such as transferring, issuing token, voting for the light nodes and others.

The browser link:


The GSC Web Wallet and iOS Wallet will be launched with the main net online. Users can create and experience a Web wallet through the GSC browser, or visit the GSC official website ( to follow the tutorial installation to experience iOS wallet. GSC wallet has special features such as transfer in seconds, free transaction, and release of personal token in one-click. After the official launch, users will know the convenience of GSC wallet.

Test net & Developer Ecology

After the main net launch, the test net will continue to run synchronously. The two sides will not affect each other. Developers can apply test coins to test functions. In the future, GSC will launch a series of activities for developers to promote the ecological construction of GSC developers. The GSC team firmly believes that the capabilities of a team are limited, only by building a strong developer community can we continuously improve the development ecosystem of GSC and make GSC a top project. The developer community is being prepared, so stay tuned.

Token migration plan

GSC provides two channels for token migration for users:

1. Complete the automatic mapping through the exchange. The user recharges the GSC token from the Ethereum net to the exchange which supports GSC. After GSC and the exchange complete the technology, the tokens can be automatically exchanged. Users can recharge GSC to the exchange and can trade freely. GSC will complete the technical docking in some exchanges by the end of February. At that time, users can withdraw new tokens from the exchange to the GSC wallet address and experience the DApp based on the GSC public blockchain.

2. Wallet mapping migration method, it’s a permanent migration path for the GSC Foundation to prepare for GSC migration. Users can download and install the latest version of GSC Wallet and follow the instructions in the wallet to complete the GSC migration. The channel for wallet mapping migration is expected to open on January 4, 2019. At that time, users need to replace the GSC main net’s new token through the wallet mapping channel, and the refill and withdrawal of the exchange GSC token will be implemented after the GSC and the exchange are completed.

We will publish detailed steps and migration tutorial before the token migration. If you have any questions about token migration, please join our Telegram for consultation:

About GSC

GSC(Global Social Chain)is the world’s first value social public chain, by building a blockchain infrastructure and decentralized social service agreements, support third-party developers to build their own social applications on their open source agreements, and build a blockchain social ecosystem of security and mutual trust. Based on the GSC underlying protocol and social service plug-in, users can easily construct decentralized social applications for communication, blog, video, live broadcast, games and other scenarios to create a safe, equal and free social space to achieve individual empowerment. A new social ecology of blockchain with mutual trust and value transfer.

Collection of Text on GSC Genesis Block

On January 3, 2009, the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, left a message from the creation community in the genesis block:“The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

This very meaningful message opened the glorious decade of the blockchain, and the decentralized trust mechanism became the light of the future.

In Global Social Chain vertical social field, it has already created a secure, stable, high-performance bottom-level public chain, after the main net launch,it will open the GSC DApp era based on millions of real social users. In this occasion, the GSC team decided to pay tribute to Mr. Nakamoto, the founder of the blockchain, and to carry out the “Collection of Text on GSC Genesis Block” campaign. We will select the quality message to write in our genesis block for permanent retention. Participate in the event and you can get the ETH&GSC reward. The event will officially be on December 16th, so stay tuned for official news.

Thank you again for your attention and support, and look forward to the future.

GSC Foundation

15th December 2018

*The final interpretation is owned by the GSC Foundation




The world's 1st Social Chain based on hundreds of millions of users. Reinvent the next generation's decentralized Social Network.

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GSC Official

The world's 1st Social Chain based on hundreds of millions of users. Reinvent the next generation's decentralized Social Network.

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