Facebook Instant Game Report for April 2019

Facebook Instant Game Report for April 2019

Market data in April.

April is a twist for Facebook instant games, the total active users of Facebook instant games had a small decline at the beginning of April, but in the middle of this month, the number of active users began to pick up, showing a growing trend. At the end of April, the number of total active users has reached 638.85 million, it is 51 million more active users than the beginning of this month’s.

The growth of the market means that most of the games are growing, so which category will grow faster? From the instant games’ performance in April, a category named Other has the highest increase rate, 5 times more than №2 Role playing category.

However, this category is quite special. Many developers can’t identify the category of their own game so they will choose other as a category, or the developers chose Other instead of a category suitable for their games based on their own considerations, it includes some new games that are very attractive.

For example, Archery 3D, which ranked first in Other categories on April 30 with 1 million active users, is a game that can be defined as either a sports game or an action game.

The second-ranked Other game is Slots: Heart Casino — Free slot, which has more than 200,000 active users. It is definitely a slot game from its name.

How is the performance of new games published in April?

There are 460 new games published in April, 95 of them were action games, Action category has the largest number of games and active users in 6,228,100. In contrast, Puzzle games are not so optimistic, 92 games published in April, only three games less than the action class, but the number of active users is only 3,294,300, which is half of the number of Action category.

Although the total amount of active users of the Action category is the highest, the average active users per game is not the top1. The average number of active users of Role playing is the highest, reached at 138,238, followed by Moba. So from the net development potential of new games, the performance of Role playing is better.

Facebook pause the review of the instant game, will it impact on the publishing of new games?

However, April is not a friendly month to new developers, because in mid-April, Facebook announced that it will stop the pause the review of the instant game (the restart time is pending). The new games which are unreviewed will not be online. The number of new games will go down inevitably, but from the data that there still have some games published. It means that some developers have a certain amount of new games that have been approved and are ready to go.

Facebook releases a new platform policy that will influence Trivia & Word games.

Shortly after Facebook announced the pause of review, a new policy for the instant game platform was released on the 26th: that apps with minimal utility, such as personality quizzes, may not be permitted on the platform. This is a serious blow to the Trivia & Word games because most of Trivia & Word games are included personality test content. So after the 26th, there is no new Trivia & Word game release.

And OMG, which has been in the dominance of instant games, also showed a sharp decline. From 18th to 30th, OMG lost 19 million active users, lost an average of 2million active users per day. But despite this, OMG is still the top1 of the Facebook instant game, the top2 Nametests is far from the OMG, its number of active users is 44million less than OMG’s.



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