I don’t even know if I want to write, but everyone tells me I should.

I don’t really have a topic for my first post. Nor do I plan on passing any knowledge or a streamlined thought.

I’ve read that if you want to start writing but don’t know what to write about, to literally just start writing. So, what up Medium, I’ve stumbled across you enough that I have found you don’t have to be an astonishing writer or even write much to have a presence. And in a year or so, hopefully having that little medium symbol on my portfolio will still look as fresh as it does today.

I will admit, I can’t write. I’ve never been a reader unless it was articles, blogs, instructions, or tutorials. When I still lived in Sarnia, in high school I would make deals and trades for essays. Poor decision making, I know. I have been designing and making things since I was young. I had this one tech teacher that would actually sign me out of other classes to come hang out in his class (I hustled hard, and relationships are everything). I would help people and just mess around. This is how I got my hands on professional equipment when I was very young.

To put this into perspective, I’m 23 now and work as a digital creative designer at an idea and design collective called 123w in Vancouver Canada. We’re like new age advertising and branding. We get it and apply it to new ways of thinking, like making news instead of ads. We still make ads. We work like the movie business and have a core team that hires freelancers that fit specifically for a project. Where do I fit in? Glad you asked. I take care of digital, and in advertising and design, (in most cases) its pointless if you don’t have a fresh website. I’m a digital designer in hopes of becoming a digital art director. I’m one of the only digital guys in the studio and like to think I keep us up to date and inline with the web and such.

Ok, back to high school (haha) because I can write whatever I want and I’ve made it this far, lets just talk about those days for a second. 1. They weren’t that long ago. I graduated high school in 2011 knowing I wanted to be a designer but had a talent in fine art—went to the IDEA School of Design. 2. I played a shit ton of hockey and other athletics but don’t do anything but work now. 3. I messed up every one of our family computers/laptops trying to do shit I didn’t know. 4. I fell in love with tutorials and jailbroke/customized/chopped/screwed everything—ipods, iphones, apple tvs, xboxs, computers, loved raw linux, would mess around with a computer at school until it was unusable then switch it with one way in the back corner. 5. I was known for drawing. I could draw anything if I had a picture of it. Then I started experimenting and trying things like print making, air brushing, painting, murals, burning wood, sculpting, pottery; my art teacher loved me.

Damn, what am I talking about? Who cares. When I came to Vancouver and went to IDEA with 30 other students from around Canada. I quickly learned the talent was through the roof. I could not do what this group could do in fine art, but I learned it all and held my own. The program’s first year is all hands on, theory, and knowledge—no computers. Second year, you sit in front a 27" iMac for 16 hours a day (seriously). They give you a room and cubicles and all your profs come to you. It gets smelly. People sleep there a lot and we had like coffee corner, kitchen stuff, couches. We would all be up all night at least once a week and other nights there till midnight. The program is rigorous but spits out the top designers scattered across Vancouver. We are seriously everywhere, its kind of nuts. Lots of shops only hire from our program. The grad show each year has close to a 800 head count go through in the opening night. My grad year — IDEA15 (I designed the website with my good friend Wes Browne.)

So to end this abruptly because it’s getting far to long. I’m going to write and design and such, life experiences maybe?, definitely will have opinions, and kinda of want to just tell my story. I learned fast and I don’t think many contacts and clients now my age and experience. I have a mind for what I do and can think and see that it goes a lot deeper than just talent. My names Garret Schauteet, I’m still figuring out what to describe my self as in one sentence or title, but lets go with creative designer and maker of anything web, identity, experiences, and interfaces. Did that make sense?

I’m going to publish this with out reading it now. Can you edit these afterward?