This Instagram Bro Poet Will Make You Feel Much Better About Your Work
Electric Literature

MSP acephal it’s funny to me how they thought all this bullying shit over the guy’s writing would be a nice thing to do. honestly, the so-called-artist that made fun of him in the first place is a bad writer herself, to say the least. now, the poetry experts, as they call themselves in this article, went full assholes bullies on a guy who writes his shit down in his own terms. the amazon review page on his book is full of offensive comments from august 28 and beyond, when this girl published her tweet — not even one of the comments is made by someone who bought the book (those who bought gave him good reviews), which means they are just acting like cattle: if my artist friend doesn’t like it, i don’t like it.

apparently being a poetry expert gives you the right to be an idiot. or, being a idiot gives you the feeling that you are a poetry expert. can’t tell the difference.

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