Health, Disease, and the Power of our Beliefs

What is truly at the root of much of our health and disease in society today? Is it purely our genetics? Is it our environment? I invite you to take a different perspective for a moment. What if it is our deepest held thoughts and beliefs that are contributing to much of our health challenges today? Let’s explore a little deeper.

Our perceptions create our reality. These perceptions are essentially the lenses that we view life through. Our lenses are filled with old programming, conditioning, beliefs, fears, and downloads that began at birth, or even beforehand. All of these get stored in our subconscious.

Research has shown that on average, we are only 8% conscious at any given moment. This means that our subconscious is running the show 92% of the time. More studies have shown that we have over 50,000 thoughts per day. Around 90% of these are usually negative in orientation. This is mostly out of fear and a basic survival mechanism. Much of it is our ego’s way of protecting us from threats and the unknown. Some of these threats are real, but most of the time they are not.

Humans are wired a little differently than other animals. I will give a little example. Imagine a zebra roaming the pastures eating some grass. All of a sudden, it sees a lion coming after it on the horizon. The zebra immediately takes off running for its life. After a minute, the lion gives up. Moments later the zebra goes back to grazing the pasture. A natural fight or flight response ensures its survival, and then the zebra carries on with the flow of the day.

Throughout life, humans are faced with many experiences that result in a fight or flight response. This is a sympathetic nervous system activation, which gets the person ready to fight for its life or run for its life. Unfortunately, we do not transition out of these experiences as well as the zebra. These experiences get downloaded into our subconscious, further adding to the distorted lenses that create our perceptions of reality. Essentially, we live the rest of our lives as if that lion is still chasing us.

Epigenetics are now showing how certain genes get turned on and off based on our environment and our perceptions of it. The old theory we have been told was that our genes are our pre-determined blueprints. This means that we are essentially robots whose health and future are written in stone. New research is showing how this may not be the case.

The expressions of our genes create this blueprint that builds a body. This body is our vehicle in which we express ourselves out of. But who is the driver? This driver is essentially all of the thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs that have been downloaded into the subconscious. Most of these downloads occur in utero through the age of about seven. In utero, the fetus has been shown to react to the environment of the mother internally and externally. A mother’s emotions actually send hormones and emotionally charged energies through the blood, affecting the fetus. Reactions of the fetus have been clearly shown in Bruce Lipton’s work The Biology of Belief.

So how does this all affect my health? In general, when we are less and less conscious throughout our day, our subconscious runs the show. This subconscious fears the unknown and prefers repetition and sticking to what is familiar. Unfortunately, this usually reflects everything that has been downloaded in the past. So now we must ask, what has been programmed in us that is running the show?

As human beings, we are essentially a community of trillions of cells. Each cell is an individual of the collective whole. Our thoughts and beliefs are the voice that governs this community. Negative thoughts create an environment of threat that weakens the population. Each of our cells is either in a state of growth or a state of threat and protection. Remember, your body is a mirror of your mind and when this governing voice is constantly creating a threatening environment, cells go into isolation from the community as a form of protection. Growth is inevitably inhibited.

Now think of our bodily systems as different branches of the government and energy as its currency. Our adrenal glands, which produce the stress hormones during fight or flight situations is the department of defense. On the contrary, our immune system represents the departments of education, welfare, agriculture, and environmental protection. These nourish the growth of the individual and the collective whole.

When our perceptions are constantly creating an environment of stress and a fight or flight response, we are constantly funding the department of defense. This leaves little to no funding for the other departments such as health, education, agriculture, etc. Basically, our thoughts and beliefs are creating a reality that is causing the body to shuttle energy and resources to run the adrenals in order to produce the stress hormones necessary to fuel survival. Although this is a necessity in the short term for certain situations like the zebra running from the lion, in the long term this suppresses the immune system and the health of each cell and the collective whole.

So what are we to do? In my opinion, the answer lies in mindfulness. Mindfulness is our conscious awareness of the present moment as it is. Expanding one’s awareness through meditation allows us to shine light on the shadow aspects of ourselves that have been running the show all along. By bringing awareness to this 92%, we can start exploring our old thoughts, beliefs, and programs. Once explored, we can develop tools to begin to change these old conditions. We can rewire our old patterns and plant new seeds that will move us in a direction of balance, harmony, and well-being.