I hardly dare to critique, since this essay is about personal struggle more than anything.
Paula Rose

This is very much how I felt after reading this. The harsh judgment of the women on “the other side of the pool” is not feminism to me. I’m a feminist who thinks critically about how patriarchal systems affect me and I can drink a beer when I want to because I’m not an alcoholic. Should we examine how many social situations revolve around alcohol in our society? Yes, of course. Should we examine how some behaviors might have developed as a way of self-medicating in response to unrealistic expectations put on us by society and by ourselves? Yes, of course. Should we point and talk badly about women drinking at a bachelorette party and act like we took the red pill and left the Matrix and these poor sods don’t know how terrible their life actually is? I really don’t think so. I feel like the good points in this article were counteracted by the harsh judgment of people who might not be as blind as you think they are.

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