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The GSC Platform team is excited to announce that we are now accepting pilot users in a public trial. GSCP developers have been working hard to produce a product this close to go-live. Individuals interested in supply chain blockchain applications and corporations of all sizes are invited to participate. Account sign ups are available at GSC Platform is a smarter purchasing management system that features “smart purchases,” IT Tools, and supply chain traceability.

We are still hard at work developing this top-notch purchasing management system tailored to what purchasers need and backed by the blockchain. You can find out more at Please report bugs and improvements to our official telegram channel or twitter.

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We are extremely excited to announce that the GSC Platform token sale is complete. The soft cap has been achieved early and the sale is now closed. While this may come as a surprise, we have been working very hard to make GSC Platform a reality and we are happy with the results. We have prepared a FAQ below to help answer some questions that may be common about the sale, it’s success, metrics, and next steps.

We are so thankful and grateful for our investors, partners, community, team, and everyone who worked so hard to make this sale possible…

The GSC Platform team is pleased to announce that we have joined the Trace Alliance and we are excited to learn more and share our knowledge and experiences in developing a vital supply chain platform for purchasers across the globe. Our GSC Platform ERP 3.0 offers three solutions that help increase efficiency for purchasing departments including IT Platform, Smart Purchases, and Part Traceability.

Trace Alliance

The Trace Alliance will help us exchange information in order to enhance transparency and increase trust in the supply chain using blockchain technology. …

GSC Platform aims to bring an unprecedented level of safety to the aviation market with the usage of blockchain technology. Track and trace facilitated through the GSC Platform Blockchain will enable end-to-end visibility for companies in the maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) market, continuous airworthiness management organizations (CAMO), manufacturers, regulators, suppliers, and all other stakeholders. Despite the MRO market being tightly regulated, logistical inefficiencies still persists throughout the aircraft lifecycle. Inaccurate, out-of-date, or missing part information in catalogues and manuals plague mechanics. Poor controls and monitoring can result in non-qualified or incompatible parts being installed on aircraft. …

“Two-thirds of the world’s GDP is generated through the supply chain. Businesses see supply chains as the most prominent use case of blockchain technology.” OriginTrail is dedicated to helping improve supply chain-on-blockchain projects. This is why OriginTrail has decided to organize a competition feature the most promising supply chain projects and provide financial support and exposure in order to solve problems relating to supply chain/blockchain uses.


The OriginTrail is an open-source protocol and community that brings trusted data sharing to global supply chains by utilizing blockchain technology. The OriginTrail protocol ensures the compatibility of data between different IT systems such…

We have completely overhauled our website and given our whitepaper a fresh veneer. Genesis Supply Chain Platform is still laser-focused on improving the purchasing experience for purchasers in companies of all sizes and now our website reflects the intensity that we bring to our mission.

Our developers are hard at work producing an MVP and working with the Ethereum Classic Labs team on our implementation. We are excited about the direction of GSCP and look forward to 2019!

Check out our new website at

-Genesis Supply Chain Platform Team

Immutability and the Supply Chain: GSC Platform and ETC

ETC is an acronym for Ethereum Classic, a project originating from Ethereum. The implementation of the project started after the famous DAO hack of Ethereum. For the Ethereum blockchain to survive in the cryptocurrency ecosystem after the DAO hack, three options were proposed for its survival which is: do nothing, implement a soft fork, or implement a hard fork. …

Pictured Left to Right: Achyut Shrestha, GSCP Director of Blockchain Development, James Woo, Chairman & Founder DFG Group, Darcy Reno, ETC DevTeam Program Manager

The Genesis Supply Chain Platform Team is elated to announce that we have been chosen to participate in the ETC Labs Incubator Pilot program. GSCP was one of six startups out of over one hundred and twenty to apply to the program which provides office space, advice, support, investment and access to the rich Ethereum Classic development and entrepreneurial community. Projects were chosen based largely on “technical capabilities of the team and their ability to build on the ETC blockchain” according to ETC Labs Director of Operations and Programs, Elizabeth Kukka. Classic is a platform that has seen growth and…

This enables the GSC Platform developers invaluable access to some of the most powerful tools in Cloud Computing, AI and Data Processing.

These tools will be used to integrate optimized solutions into our GSC Platform Smart Purchases supply chain solutions.

The future is bright, with the right tools and the right people our vision to improve the purchasing processes in all industries is closer than ever.

Visit to read the Whitepaper and join us in Telegram GSC Platform Official to chat to the team.

Private Sale : 08/04 to 12/24
Presale : 12/25 to 01/24/2019
First Round : 01/25/2019
Token Sale ends : 02/27/2019

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The mission of Genesis Supply Chain Platform has been to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to bear on the aviation market to benefit suppliers, purchasers, regulators, and many other stakeholders in the industry. The project team is excited to announce that because of a significant demand we are expanding our scope to accommodate other industries. Many investors and potential users are engaging us on the “smart purchasing” functionality of the system and we will be implementing this functionality prior to our parts traceability platform.

At the heart of this expanded functionality is the GSCP token, which will be utilized…

GSC Platform

Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a French based Company providing blockchain based supply chain solutions. Find out more at

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