GSC Aviation Partners with AVINOC to bring a Comprehensive Blockchain Solution for the Aviation Industry

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Jul 2, 2018 · 3 min read

The scarcity of parts and the ageing of fleets makes supplying parts and services difficult and expensive. The situation is exacerbated by a decreasing number of subcontractors and suppliers approved by aeronautical authorities. These issues pose persistent deadline constraints for airlines in their maintenance process.

Thanks to its logistics platform and innovation based on blockchain technology, GSC Aviation will provide solutions adapted to the purchase and logistics services of airlines to improve their internal supply chain processes. Thus streamlining more than 50% of the fundamental day to day work of the buyer. This will enable them to realise economies of scale and develop their competitive advantage by using their logistics/purchasing staff for higher value-added tasks.

GSC Aviation’s blockchain based parts tracking in conjunction with existing systems will unify records and ensure the integrity of parts from manufacture to the end of their life cycle, thus increasing flight safety.

GSC Aviation is proud to be working together with AVINOC

The AVINOC Blockchain Platform enables airlines to free themselves from the market power of booking platforms and general distribution system (GDS). These intermediaries are responsible for an intransparent and highly complex airline ticketing system, to the detriment of airlines and travelers. Customers are faced with hidden costs and obscure contractual components, different ticket prices for the same flight offered, sometimes without the airlines knowledge. Airlines are actual fully stretched handling booking platforms, electronic bots responsible for capacity under-utilization and spying by competitors through mock bookings.

Intermediaries in the context of the airline and general aviation business have assumed a market-dominating and market-dictating position beyond their originating system purpose.

AVINOC creates new concepts to manage the Aviation Business and provides innovative solutions for airline ticketing and the general aviation business. Effortless direct booking, time saving and empowerment of the traveler through lower ticket and flight prices, as well as cost reduction for airlines and operators, are the standards that should be established again for the future of the Aviation business.

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The partnership between GSC Aviation and AVINOC will create the opportunity for airlines to improve their business end-to-end, positioning themselves for the future and dramatically increasing their revenue potential with breakthrough blockchain technology.

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